Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Something new in my Etsy shop!

 I'm trying something new in the way of Etsy shop listings in the Vintage Christmas category: small and simple ephemera packs for people to use in paper crafting and other projects.  This is proving to be a great way to sell some bits and pieces that otherwise might get lost in the shuffle.  So far I've put together four of these, and two have sold.

The first ephemera pack I put together was a classic Christmas theme with mostly red, green, white and gold components.  I'm including unused cards, used cards, card fronts, vintage tags and stickers, and more.  I'm adding a vintagey Christmas photo card into each pack too.  I'm wrapping up each assortment in a strip of vintage, or vintage-look, wrapping paper.

I'll show you the finished four packs and a few of the items for each one.  The photo for the first pack shows nearly everything it contains, but others do not.

Next I got the idea to make a "Blue Christmas" pack.  Many Christmas cards have a blue theme, and I have always loved those, so ...


Next I assembled an ephemera pack in shades of green.

The most recent pack I've put together is items with a red, or red and white theme.

What do you think?  Which of these would be your favorite?  Do you like the idea of a real assortment of colors and designs in a paper ephemera pack?  Or would you prefer items of mostly one color?  Any ideas for other colors or Christmas themes I should feature?  (I've considered candles, Santas, bells, lanterns, snow scenes and more, but I'd be open to more ideas.)

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  1. So many paper crafters out there that I'm sure you'll have plenty of interest. I like them all, but am trying, like you, to clear it out.


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