Sunday, December 13, 2020

Making space -- week 6


 So I need to get this posted even though I suppose Sunday technically is week 7 of the Making Space challenge.  

December 9 — to the thrift store: 3 Christmas CDs (listening to them and winnowing them out), a pair of decorative-edge scissors and a rack for holding scissors; 2 hardcover books I decided against reading.

December 13 -- to the trash: 5-6 boxes of outdated jello; 2 boxes of outdated pudding mix; a jar of very, very outdated fig pastry filling.

Also to the trash -- a tall kitchen bag FULL of worn-out hats, gloves, sweaters, etc.

To the thrift store: 3 hats and a pair of 1980s leg warmers!

To a lady who felts wool sweaters and turns them into mittens: a black trash bag full of old wool sweaters neither of us will ever wear again.  

We usually set up our Christmas tree in front of the picture window of our living room.  A cedar chest ordinarily resides under that window and we always move it to make way for the tree.  This year I decided that we would declutter the contents of that chest (a project that's been on my list for months!) when we moved it.  Hence, all of the woolens being disposed of.  It feels great to have that project taken care of!


  1. I always feel very accomplished when my garbage can is full and good items donated to those who can use them.

  2. You have done famously getting all those items out of the house. You are making me think that I should check the jello stash. 😏

  3. Wow, going through a cedar chest full of old woolens...what fun. Glad you are sending them to good homes. We don't have many woolen goods anymore since we have been back in Florida for over 20 years already...but we still hang on to a few things in case we go up north to visit our grandson, although I doubt we would go in winter at this point in time. I know I need to clean out our clothes closets, but that will be after Christmas. Got too much going on right now. But you are inspiring me to seriously think about it at least! Thank you!!

  4. I think I forgot to hit publish before I closed this. Oh geepers. Anyway, you are inspiring me to at least THINK about cleaning closets, etc., but I will wait until after Christmas now. Can't juggle one more thing. I love the thought of going through a cedar chest, however! That would be fun.


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