Sunday, December 06, 2020

Making space -- week 5


 I have a pretty exciting list to share this week.  At least it's exciting to me when I think of the many items that have left or will soon be leaving my house.

November 30— cleared out the baking drawer where I keep extracts, sugars and sprinkles, etc.  Threw away:

 1 large package of plastic recipe protectors — destroyed by blue food coloring
1 nearly empty jar of blue past food coloring (aha!)
1 clean spam can with ends cut off — saved to use as cookie cutter
1 partial set each Mickey and Minnie mouse cake decorations
2 partial envelopes unflavored gelatin (I have gluten free baking recipes which call for a teaspoon of it)
Partial packages of vanilla pudding mix and strawberry jello mix
Full, outdated and hardened packages of lime and raspberry jello mix
1 plastic measuring tablespoon
Partial, old containers of red and green decorating sugars and Easter chick decors
1 container vintage silver dragees
1 small tin shaker
1 metal cake decorating tube
1 bottle raspberry flavoring for candy
Partial envelopes of vanilla powder and vanilla sugar

And, to the thrift store: 1 vintage plastic cake decorating tube

Gave away to friends: 1 nutcracker and 2 nut picks (they needed them and we had extra)

Placed with my gift wrappings: 1 ball of thick kitchen string (too thick for its intended use)

December 1 --
Next, we tackled the baking shelf in the pantry.  Threw away:
1 outdated can peach pie filling (exp. 2012)
2 outdated cans coconut milk (exp. 2011, 2014)
1 partial package red candy melts
1 3-oz. jar lemon curd (exp. 2018)
1 tiny container baby prunes
1 nearly empty jar assorted sprinkles

Over the next couple days we went through more of the pantry shelves.  And threw away:

an outdated can of ravioli
2 cans of outdated bean sprouts
2 cans outdated tomato paste
a bottle of outdated lemon juice
partial packages of outdated rice and pasta

I also threw away:
3 old calendars I had kept for crafting purposes
1 kitten-themed child's plastic sewing box from the 1960s (see illustration below)
1 hairbrush I've never liked -- had to use it in a pinch this week and remembered why I don't like it.
A pair of my husband's slippers -- he got a new pair and these have seen far better days.

My kit was pink, sort of a marbleized look.  Lid was clear.

And also to the thrift store: a never-used ice pop maker, and a hardcover book.  

Another box of things is headed for our cottage.

It's been a great week on the decluttering front!


  1. Good for you getting rid of so much. Why do we all keep things that we will never use?

  2. That is a lot of cupboard cleaning out.

  3. Well done! Remember when you shared your favorite plastic wrap a year or more ago? I ordered one and promptly lost it. Well, in cleaning out my stash of plastic wraps, foils, baggies, waxed papers, etc., I found it! Now I have three unused plastic wraps, but I'd prefer to use the new one, Is it wrong to get rid of those three? 🙃


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