Wednesday, December 09, 2020

A little progress


 ... very little.

Today has not been much of a day for Christmasy preparations.  Mr. T has been baking like crazy, but took a time out today to work on other pursuits.

Today he did make a batch of Special Holiday fudge.

I got a number of gifts ordered.

I also unearthed a pattern I will need to make a particular gift.

And I think that is it for today.

Don't you love the Christmas cards that feature an open doorway with a warm, lighted room within? I love the Longfellow quote on this one too!


  1. I love that old card and the thought shared and the images it evokes in our minds. Very lovely. Sounds like you got quite a bit accomplished to me. I am working on our Christmas letter/cards, and we had our church ladies' Christmas luncheon today, which was lovely. We all needed a little bit of a "party" time. This week has been a bit of a loss for me with a stiff neck, but it is much better now, so I hope to get back in the swing of things tomorrow and upward and onward! Merry Christmas days upon us.

  2. I love your card illustration and quote. And you are so lucky to have a husband that enjoys spending useful time in the kitchen!💖

  3. Those old cards do bring back so many memories. I remember enjoying them as a child. I like the ones with photos that the young people send these days but I think. I would like that photo in an old fashioned card better.

  4. Happy Fudge!
    One of the best things about holiday parties, is a pyramid of fudge on the buffet table.


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