Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Finding time for you in the busy days and weeks ahead ...

Gorgeous winter graphic from (in)courage

 This post by Jessica Turner at (in)courage: 6 Ways to Find Time for You During the Holidays, is well worth filing away for any busy season, but especially for the Christmas season.   Put it somewhere where you'll be able to find it easily every December.  In fact,  it would even be worth printing out and adding to your Christmas notebook, and I have done just that. 

Maybe you have a file on your computer desktop for Christmas helps and ideas, or a Pinterest board for Christmas planning.  Mine is here: Christmas planning and preparation

Just put this post where you will find it easily each December.  I shared this on my Christmas blog for Christmas in July, but decided to also post this here on my regular blog for December Daily, so that none of my readers will miss out.

Jessica's six basic points are these:

1.  Prioritize.

2.  Include you in your calendar.

3.  Plan for times of waiting.

4.  Don't overschedule yourself.

5.  Take care of your body.

6.  Give yourself grace.

But by all means, head on over to her (in)courage post and get the full benefit of Jessica's helpful counsel. 

This year I've been working my way through Jessica Turner's book The Fringe Hours, and have found much commonsense advice there as well.  I hope that this post is a blessing to someone as we begin this busy, festive month!


  1. I like having special things to do at the holidays, but I have always loved to sit in the quiet and glow of the tree, too. I've learned to pace myself. It took years to be able to do this but I love it!

  2. I am forced to pace myself these days. Work a little. Rest a little. Today, I am taking a pizza to my sister-in-law's for lunch. I'm sure that it will do both of us good. 🙂

  3. Lists make a season last longer. They help me focus, think more about what is best about the time.

  4. Excellent advice. I will do what I can and what I can't won't get done, but we will still have a wonderful Christmas just because it is Christmas and we celebrate Jesus! That is what I try to prioritize and remember...focus on Jesus...the "Reason for the Season", and everything else will fall into place as it should. I am determined not to stress myself out this Christmas...but just enjoy it and hopefully others will relax and enjoy it too. Thank you for sharing these ideas. I like this very much.


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