Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas Countdown Challenge, Day 25

* I got a couple new ideas for gifts for grandchildren.

* I planned what I will take for refreshments for the ladies' Christmas fellowship at church. (A hot seafood dip in a bread bowl, to be served with bread cubes and raw veggies [I'm thinking red and green pepper strips]; and a plate of fudge [cranberry nut fudge]. Both of these are new recipes. I also got to thinking about how I could duplicate some chocolate-covered fruitcake squares I saw in a Gooseberry Patch ad. I have a wonderful recipe for fruitcake which includes milk chocolate chunks along with cherries and pineapple [no yucky citron] and I'm thinking that if I baked it in a flattish pan and cut it in squares, I could then dip it in melted chocolate confectionery coating and have a reasonable facsimile. We'll see if I get to this!) And I added the needed ingredients to my grocery list.

* Yay and hurray, I FINISHED my first foldable fabric basket. I've topstitched the edges of two more and pinned the ribbon ties in place on another.

* I put a Christmas picture on my computer desktop and made a screensaver out of Christmas card images.

* I listened to Christmas music all day.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, I'll take down my fall decor in the front entry and on the porch (it'll be Zone 1 in FlyLady, so that's perfect) and put up some Christmasy stuff. It's in the high 50s here today and mild and partly sunny, so it's been hard to think Christmas today!

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