Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Countdown Challenge, Day 28

Christmas Countdown Challenge Day 28

Mondays are always really busy for me, catching up from the weekend, so although I've accomplished a lot today, very little of it has been Christmas-related.

I've done a bit more planning for our "neighbor gifts". We have certain neighbors and relatives with whom we exchange edible treats each Christmas. Often I make cookies, other times it will be scones or tea breads which I will give along with a jar of homemade hot chocolate or spiced tea mix. This year I am planning to go the tea bread/hot drink mix route. I am making some foldable fabric boxes in Christmas prints which should just hold a pack of luncheon size Christmas paper napkins which I will include with the goodies. If there's time, I want to use the fabric scraps to make some matching coasters. This should help to make a nice dent in my Christmas fabric stash!

So far, I'm planning to make mini loaves of Lemon Cranberry Tea Bread and Gift of the Magi Bread, and possibly some mini Chocolate Fruitcakes.

I've got one fabric basket started and tonight I cut the ribbon ties for a second one and got them pinned in place. I also cut the fabric pieces for a third basket -- I will need 10 or 12 baskets in all. I find it hard to sew at night because the light isn't good enough -- but I may end up doing so!

Another thing I did tonight was to replace the Thanksgiving-themed items under the glass top of my bedroom desk with Christmas-themed items. Most of them are cards, and several of them are special ones from our kids. I love how the glittery ones sparkle through the glass.

I'm also preparing to post some Christmas devotionals I've shared at our church's Ladies' Christmas Fellowships in years gone by. This fellowship is always a blessing, and it's usually held early in December. I find it such a good way to get my Christmas planning and preparations in perspective, so I hope other ladies may enjoy these thoughts as well.

Just before bed, I also spent a few minutes working on some snowflakes I'm crocheting for gifts.

So those are my accomplishments for today's challenge. I'm hoping for a craftier day tomorrow!

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