Thursday, November 01, 2007

Back on Track Challenge, Day 2

Here’s how things went today for this challenge:

* Health & energy -- ate fairly well; exercised; went for a walk; drank plenty of water. Failed to keep up with the BCI. (Yes, Susan, I know exactly what you mean!)

* Bible study/devotional life -- had a wonderful quiet time this morning; reviewed some more on patience/longsuffering; worked a bit on Sunday school and on Scripture memory; reviewed John 14 which I memorized a few weeks ago.

* Homemaking -- inventoried the pantry; planned a week’s menus and made the grocery list; went grocery shopping; kept up with my routines!!

* Creativity -- worked a tiny bit on backstitching my “Country Baking” sampler.

* Christmas prep -- made some lists of things I need to do before Christmas; posted in my Christmas blog; planned some recipes to try; bought a neat new Christmas magazine.

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