Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back-on-Track Challenge, Days 12-14

Some of you may be wondering what has become of my Back-on-Track challenge! It’s been derailed!

I just have fallen behind in every area in the past couple of days. A fire at our family business (no one one was hurt, but it’s a total loss) has meant my hubby is around home more, yet busy in different areas than before, coming and going at odd hours, etc. So my challenge has been sort of sidetracked.

I’ve especially done poorly in the area of health & energy, but today was a better day for that -- I ate healthy and went for a nice long walk.

I didn’t get to any Bible study today, but the other days I did.

I’ve kept up with homemaking routines pretty well. Got a lot accomplished in the kitchen last week. So far this week I’ve cleaned the bathroom mini-blinds, scrubbed the tub/shower, and washed the shower curtain & tub mat. I’ve done lots of laundry and dishes and made some good meals.

For creativity, I’ve worked on an embroidered dish towel, and other things that fall into the next category.

For Christmas prep, I’ve tried out a new recipe with an eye toward neighbor gifts -- Pumpkin Butterscotch Bread. I’ve crocheted a snowflake and put in lots of prep work toward some family photo ornaments I’m making.

Hoping for a more productive day tomorrow! (And I’m thinking I’ll extend my challenge until the end of November.)


  1. We were sorry to hear about the fire but very thankful that no one was hurt. I've enjoyed reading your blog lately.

  2. Hi Elisha,

    So nice to see you here at my kitchen table! I'm glad you've been enjoying reading my blog lately.

    Thanks for your thoughtful words. God is in control and we know without a doubt that He is working all things together for good in our lives. Our biggest prayer request is for wisdom.

    Stop by again when you're "in the neighborhood" of my blog.

    God bless,


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