Friday, November 30, 2007

Show & Tell Friday for November 30

For show and tell today, I would like to share some samplers that are hanging in the hallway between our kitchen and living room. For years this hallway, which is narrow and short, was sort of a dead space as far as any sort of decorating is concerned. I had these samplers, which I had made years before, and had never gotten around to framing them. The main reason for that is that they were all odd sizes and the frames would have had to be custom-made. Either that, or (my preference) my hubby would have to make the frames.

Amazingly, a couple of years ago he finally did find time to make them. I thought that rather than scatter the samplers all over the house in different rooms, or put them in a large space such as the living room, they might have more impact if I painted all of the frames the same color and put them all together in a smaller space -- such as this hallway. I am so glad I had that thought, as I pass through that hallway many times a day. The busy colorful designs of the samplers always make me smile, and the Scripture verses they include bless my heart as well.

Here’s the first one:

This was the first of these samplers I made. It features Isaiah 1:18, a favorite Scripture verse. I just love the falling snow outside the window.

Here’s another one. I think this is the second one I did. It features Philippians 1:11.

I love all of the detail in this one. That teapot? It was originally a cat in the pattern. I am not a fan of cats and I certainly would not want one on my kitchen counters or tables, so I turned the cat into a teapot.

Here’s the third sampler:

The verse on this one is Luke 6:38.

And the last one on this wall is the most recent sampler I made. It has a very helpful, practical verse -- Colossians 4:6.

I do apologize for the quality of some of the photos. The hallway is so very short and narrow, I had to lean into the hall to take the photos and they really aren’t the best. But I think you can get a good idea what the samplers look like.


  1. Wow. I'm impressed with all the work you put into these and it's wonderful that hubby framed them for you. I love the idea of putting them all together...

  2. Mrs. T, I just received my Gooseberry Patch, book 3 that you recommended. I ordered it from Amazon and I just LOVE it! I looked for some of the others, but they are a bit more and I can't get them right now. Did you also have a recipe for some 'angel doughnuts'? I saw it some place and printed it up but now can't find it. I print a lot of recipes. I was just wondering if it was here that I saw it. I have searched and can't find it.
    If you want to just email me if you do have it:

  3. I love the way you decided to display your samplers...they really are beautiful and one can appreciate all the work that went into making them!! xo

  4. oh...I love the look...they are beautiful...

  5. I love your samplers! They are exactly my "style". I have several of the Cross Country Stitching mags from years past, full of those same kind of samplers. You did a beautiful job on each of them, and your husband did a great framing job too!

  6. Beautiful work and lovely samplers!! Lots of work there :o)

  7. A job well done.
    You worked real hard on making them and putting it up.

  8. Mrs.T They are so beautiful. I love cross stitch art -- I just hate to do it. I'll probably end up buying some, if I'm ever going to have a finished one. Your work is excellent.

  9. Wow, ladies --

    What a nice group is gathered around my kitchen table to see these samplers! I am so happy that you all stopped by.

    Sandy, I am so glad that you love the Gooseberry Patch book you got from Amazon. I enjoy those books so much and I get so many great ideas and recipes from them. I bring mine out and use them and enjoy them every year.

    Nope, I'm not the one with the 'angel doughnut' recipe. I almost never make doughnuts, although I have been known to do so occasionally. So that's not my recipe... it sounds interesting, though!

    Have a nice weekend, everyone!

    God bless,

  10. I love this idea. It's such a unique way of showing them's perfect.

    Happy Show n Telling.

  11. The samplers are beautiful and all are made with love. I'm very impressed with your handiwork.


  12. Great idea and so thoughtful of your hubby to take the time to do the frames!! I love that you have Bible verses---always such a good reminder.

  13. Those are all beautiful, and I do like the idea you had to hang them all in one spot. :)

  14. Your samplers are lovely and look very nice displayed together. After so much time you would have put into your samplers it is nice that you can enjoy looking at them!

  15. Wow, five more ladies around my kitchen table! I don't think I have ever had so many visitors here at once. How nice of all of you to stop by!

    I am glad you enjoyed seeing the samplers. Please stop by my kitchen table again anytime!

  16. I love your samplers. They look nice all together.

    Thanks for sharing,

  17. Your samplers are beautiful, Mrs T! I really like how you have this displayed too!

  18. Hello Jane and Kelli!

    Thanks for your encouraging words and for stopping by my kitchen table. It is so nice to see you both here!

    And Kelli, thanks for hosting Show & Tell Fridays. I'm so happy I've been able to join in.

  19. Anonymous3:51 AM

    I love your samplers, they are definately my style. I wonder if you have the patterns and would be willing to sell or loan them! :)

  20. Katie,

    The patterns are from Cross Country Stitching magazines. As far as I know, their back issues are always available. I went and looked up the patterns and these are the issues they are in:

    The Luke 6:38 sampler (titled "Good Measure" was in the June 1996 issue. (Also called Volume 8, Number 2)

    The Philippians 1:11 sampler (titled "Kitchen Wall") was in the February 1995 issue. (Also called Volume 6, Number 6)

    The Isaiah 1:18 sampler (titled "Scarlet & Crimson") was in the February 1996 issue. The one I have is wrongly labeled Feb. 1995, but it's definitely the 1996 issue.

    As for the Colossians 4:5 sampler, it was in the October 2000 issue, and is (I think) titled "Teapots".

    You can order any of these back issues from Cross Country Stitching via catalog or from their website. Here's the link: Cross Country Stitching

    Hope this info is helpful to you!


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