Monday, November 19, 2007

Menu Plan Monday for November 19

Monday again already!!! And in a week which includes Thanksgiving here in the U.S.! It looks like a busy week in the kitchen. Here’s my plan (always subject to change):

MONDAY: Enchilada Casserole, Spanish Rice, Guacamole

TUESDAY: Lentils Ole’, Baked Potatoes, Coleslaw

WEDNESDAY: Italian Wedding Soup, Oatmeal Bread

THURSDAY: Thanksgiving Day. (We are having a small group this year -- 7 or 8 adults and 2 small children. Everyone is bringing something. I will be cooking the turkey & gravy (and stuffing) and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Oh yes, and creamed onions. And maybe a pie.)

FRIDAY: Thanksgiving leftovers.

SATURDAY: Homemade Vegetable Soup, Tuna Melts

SUNDAY: Slow-cooked Pork Loin, Baked Potatoes, Squash & Apple Bake


  1. Yummy, everything sounds sooo good.

    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. I made your make-ahead potatoes this morning and they are FABULOUS!! I have never had yummier mashed potatoes and I am a big-time potato fan. Thank you sooo much for posting the recipe. I hope that I can keep from eating some before Thursday. It's a good thing that I made a double recipe. We LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers:). I'm looking forward to using your pie crust recipe today and tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your tried and true recipes and tips.

  3. Hi ladies!

    Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table... I hope you will both have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Rachel, I am so happy you like the mashed potatoes. A lady in my church told me Sunday that she had made them and frozen them ahead... sure hope they come out well for everyone who tries them. I'm planning/hoping to make mine today too, and am definitely making my sweet potatoes today.

    It's snowing here! Steadily... So I'm baking Christmas cookies too!

  4. Everything sounds so good. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Mary

  5. Mrs.T. I don't know how to do a search on your site for the whipped shortbread cookies recipe. Can you help me?

  6. Nancy, it's very easy. Just go to the upper left corner of the blog, up above the title. There is a search box up there. Just type in what you're looking for, (in this case, you would type "Whipped Shortbread"), and then hit "Search Blog". The recipe will come right up along with some other cookie recipes. I just tried this and it worked fine.

    If for some reason it doesn't work for you, then let me know and I will post it "in the Kitchen" at the Seasonal Delights forum.

  7. Hi Mrs. T :)

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am new here, but I was enjoying your menu plan. What are Lentils Ole? That sounds good! I am trying to incorporate more beans and legumes into our diet so I can cut back on the meat (DH is a huge carnivore!).

    Thanks for your help! :)

  8. Hi Vicky and Sandy!

    I have just posted the recipe for Lentils Ole´for you. Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!


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