Saturday, May 07, 2011

Recent simple craft projects

I have several other crafts I want to post about -- the super hero capes and the girl's apron -- but those need to wait until I can take the time to post the links for making them. Too busy for that today, but here are some of the crafts I've recently completed.

Two crocheted dishcloths -- love that seed stitch pattern. These were for my friend J. who loves green, to go along with her tea towels. I especially like the striped one.

A flannel receiving blanket for a baby shower. The unborn baby was named Wiggly Baby by his older brother. He has now been born and is named David.

A bluebird day-of-the week towel for myself. This is linen dishtowel fabric from my mother's stash, and she loved bluebirds, so this is in memory of her.
And a closer look at the bluebird motif:

A felt bunny. Had hoped to get this done for Easter decorating, but it didn't happen. Original pattern called for a striped or floral fabric. I wanted to try using brown felt to make it look chocolate. Like the idea of using vintage spools for "wheels". I love it when I can make a craft without having to buy any materials, as was the case with this bunny!

A chef's hat for Josiah, who turned 3. Guess he liked it; he put it on when he opened it and wore it the entire rest of the day!

Think that's it for now. More to share later: flowers, recipes, and more crafts...

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