Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Early spring in the wildflower garden

Here are some pictures I took last week. Bloodroot is the first flower we see in the wildflower garden. My late father-in-law brought the bloodroot plants to Carrie many years ago for her wildflower garden. Every year it seems to spread a little and to come up in a slightly different spot. These are near the brick path:

And here is a closeup of more:

My Wildflowers of North America book tells me that the bloodroot has round chestnut-brown seeds that fall to the ground in early summer and thus extend the bloodroot's territory.

These have jumped out of the wildflower garden and are nestled by the roots of a nearby tree.

Not wildflowers, no. Daffodils, but we planted these here many years ago and they don't usually do much. This is the best these daffodils have ever done here.

What a pretty spot of encouraging color!


  1. Beautiful flowers...love the daffodils! We are expecting 90 degrees this afternoon!! Summer is here.

  2. Pretty flowers! I have some gladiolas(sp) that have long green leaves now. They usually bloom in June. My daughter planted them when she was 17 years old and she is now 27 years old. Every year when they come up, I think of her!

  3. Thanks, ladies, for stopping by to visit my wildflower garden. I need to get out there soon and take some more pics. The bloodroot blossoms are gone and there are wind anemones now, plus some violets here and there.

    Yes, isn't it nice, Darlene, when the flowers come up each year and we remember those who planted them. That's one thing that's so special about our wildflower garden -- my daughter (now 34 with a family of her own) planted many of them in her early teens, and many of the plants were given to her by her grandpa who is now with the Lord. Very special memories there!

    Arlene -- 90 degrees? Amazing! It's around 60ยบ here today but I really don't mind. Hot weather will be here all too soon...

  4. We picked up some bloodroot at the fire dept plant sale last year and Mr. D planted it out in the woods near the driveway. I noticed this year that it is blooming... yea.

    I do love wildflowers. We have little yellow "trout lilies" all over the property. They go by lots of names, but when we were digging in the end of the driveway to plant our iris and daylilies... the bulbs kept showing up. They must be a "biennial" some were dormant and others were blooming.

    We also have some sort of yellow flower that showed up this year. It looks a little like a dandilion without the typical leaves. I haven't found that one in my wildflower book yet.

    The wildflowers are all different here than they were in VT. Just a short distance away, but a whole new batch of interesting flora.

    Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.

  5. Hey Mrs. D,

    Thanks for stopping by my wildflower garden! Got to get some new photos up -- wood anemones there now.

    I had no idea one could buy wildflower plants at the FD plant sale! Guess I will have to try and get there next year!

    I think your dandelion-like blossom may be Coltsfoot. Check that out in your wildflower book and see what you think!


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