Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pretty cookies for spring!

I made these pretty cookies back a couple weeks before Easter, to take to a church potluck. I found the idea here: white fudge-dipped springtime cookies and I must say, theirs came out a lot prettier than mine. They used plain white nonpareils on each color, and they are daintier and sort of dotted-Swiss looking.

I just used store-brand chocolate sandwich cookies, though no doubt real Oreos® would be much better. To dip mine, I just used white candy coating ("Almond Bark"), melted, rather than melting real white chocolate. I only made three colors of coating -- pink, yellow, and green -- and I used colorful sprinkles in spring-like colors rather than the white ones, which I could not find locally. I think another time, I would try and find the white nonpareils, as I really liked their delicate look!

I also had leftover coating in each color, so I swirled them together, stirred in some coconut, and made little macaroons out of them.

These pretty cookies went over well with friends and family alike!


  1. Cute daughter, Amelia, loves the white oreos that come out at Christmas and I could do some of these for her in other times of the year~

  2. Yes, you could make these for any season just by varying the color of the chocolate. If you wanted darker colors like orange and red for fall, you could use the Wilton candy melts.


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