Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A sweet little poem

Card from my personal collection of antique cards
Recently, while sorting through some file folders, I came upon this poem, which I or one of my daughters (I can't remember, as it was so long ago) had typed out after finding it in an old book.  I love this poem, although it is a bit different in style;  I like the picture it portrays.  Notice too (or maybe this is only my imagination) that the poem sort of forms the shape of a cottage.


Within the little house
Of my great love for you,
This safe and happy house,
I sit and sing, while all the world goes by,

Within the house that is my love for you
No harm can come, nor any thought of fear;
There is no danger that can cross the threshold.

You did not build this house
Nor I; 
But God the Carpenter ---

-- Mary Carolyn Davies

Unusual, but I have always liked this since finding it years ago in a a very old literature textbook.  Of course we realize that true security is found only in God and His love, but human love is a gift from Him as well.  I think the poem is acknowledging that fact in the last few lines.


  1. Hi Mrs. T. Catching up on your blog today. This is a very sweet little poem. Glad that you posted it!

  2. Hi Mrs. Smith!

    Nice to see you here as always! I'm glad you liked the poem!

    Have a wonderful week!


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