Monday, April 30, 2012

Felt food frenzy

 With the birthdays of two young grandchildren just past, I can now share some photos of the most recent play food I've made.  Yes, I promised to write about our getaway, and I have many recipes to blog about, not to mention setting some goals for this week.  But today is busy with housework, proofreading, and a dentist appointment, so I am simply going to show the felt food photos with only a little description.  Maybe later I can edit the post and add links to the patterns I used. 

Another look
Crocheted Oreos®

In their packaging

In their packaging

Chocolate cream pie

Lemon pie

Pumpkin pie

And again

All three varieties
I packaged them in a pie box.
Hope you have enjoyed these additions to the felt food pantry.  I surely did enjoy creating them.


  1. Those are all so cute. We had a dentist appt. today too. :) Hoping to get a lot accomplished at home this week. I think we get to be HOME the rest of the week.

  2. Thanks, Nikki! I am glad that you like them. I definitely want to include some pumpkin pie in the batch I make for you! That was mostly done by machine and is much easier than it looks.

    I am looking at 2 more dental appts. over the next 6 weeks as I need a crown. One of my least favorite places is the dentist's office, so pray for me if you think of it!

    This week I plan to be at home a lot, too. Lots to catch up on!

  3. Thanks, Altered Bee! As you might guess, those were the easiest of all to make. I made those, the oreos, and one of the tomatoes while we were on our getaway up north. Cut out the patterns for the pies then, too.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. It must be time for all of us to head to the dentist. I am going myself this morning to start work on a bridge. I am not fond of the dentist either but glad I have dental insurance and a good dentist!!

    Mrs T, these are just precious and I love that you 'boxed" them up as well. You are too talented. I am still working on a cross stitch that will take me a while to finish. I need to be more intentional in my crafting and genealogy work. I also hope to get my own "recipe" book done this yr. I want to have a little book with all my tried and true recipes typed up and laminated! Is that too ambitious?? Oh well if we do not set goals for ourselves we will never accomplish anything. You inspire me with your weekly goals. I need to do that as well!!

  5. Wow, Arlene, dental work for you as well! I too have a very good dentist, but no dental insurance, so we must consider dental work very carefully.

    Glad you liked the felt food and packaging. The tomato box was one I had purchased with tomatoes in it and saved the box with the intent of using it in paper crafting some way. Then when I ended up making felt tomatoes (they were actually from a strawberry pattern that went awry), I remembered that box. It was just perfect!

    The pie box was something a friend had given me. She works at a paper company and sometimes gets unused sample materials for free. That was one of them. It was perfect for keeping the pie slices together to present them.

    I think your cookbook idea is great and probably not too ambitious, depending on how many recipes you have. I have made cookbooks for others, but want to do one for myself as well. Let me know how you progress on yours!

    I agree, without goals we don't accomplish anything. If we aim at nothing we are sure to hit it every time!

  6. Those foods are sooooo cute :)! I am sure your grandchildren LOVED them :).

    Praying all goes well at the dentist for you. I have app. next Friday but am canceling as I know I will need work and the dentist will make me feel bad for putting it off!

    I always enjoy reading yours and Carrie's goals :).

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. All the felt food that you make is so adorable!!! My girls are going to get a kick out of seeing these too. Oh I just love the Oreo cookies! It is all so precious and I suspect brought big grins to sweet little faces! :)

  8. Good morning, 1HappyWife and Mrs. Smith,

    It is so good to see both of you here! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the felt food! The kids' mom tells me that the felt food comes out pretty much every day and that the kids really have fun with it. That makes it worth while! It is a lot of fun to make, too. I love felt as a crafting medium!

    1HappyWife, I know what you mean about the dentist making you feel guilty. I have been putting off this crown for nearly a year, but guess I can put it off no longer.

    Hope both of you ladies and your families have a wonderful week!


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