Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brazilian Cheese Buns

(Photo from King Arthur Flour)
I have been wanting to post this link for awhile now: Brazilian Cheese Buns.  Since beginning to avoid wheat about five months ago, I am always on the lookout for a good wheat-free recipe.  This one is gluten-free; it is made from tapioca flour and is absolutely delicious.

I tried this recipe because it looked easy and I have had good results from most gluten-free recipes I've tried from the King Arthur Flour site.  It has very good reviews.  I have never visited a Brazilian steakhouse, but these buns are said to taste very similar to the ones served in those restaurants.  These buns have a fantastic aroma as they bake and are quite addictive when served warm alongside soup, salad, or pasta.

The recipe said nothing about using these for sandwiches (they are on the small side for that) but I tried it anyway because one thing I really do miss is a good sandwich now and then.  I've used these for sandwiches using fillings such as ham and cheese, turkey, and chicken salad and they were all really good.  It would just need to be a filling that goes well with garlic and cheese flavors.  The buns are a bit chewy for sandwiches but really not bad at all.  I enjoy them.

I should add that the cheese buns freeze very well.  The recipe does make quite a few, so it's good to know they will freeze.

Don't reserve this recipe just to use for your friends and family who may be avoiding wheat or gluten; anyone who enjoys garlic and cheese and ethnic flavors would probably like these.  Hope your family enjoys the Brazilian cheese buns if you try them. 


  1. That food all loons WONDERFUL!

  2. Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I couldn't reply to the comment you left on my blog post about the needlebook giveaway so I'm hopping over here to say 'hey' and I'm glad I did! Scrumptious! And I'll be adding my cake recipe to your blog hop. They are such fun.

  3. "Hey" to you too, Velma! I am glad you came on over here when you couldn't reply to the comment I left on your blog post. Those needlebooks are just amazing. I am so impressed with the crafty details.

    Thanks for adding your cake recipe to the blog hop, as well. This one is part of the Gooseberry Patch recipe round-up for this week. I don't get to participate in them every time, but this week I had some time and some appropriate recipes, so went for it. Your cake looks yummy.

    Stop in at my kitchen table anytime ... there are loads of recipes, crafts etc. in the archives for you to browse around in!

  4. Oh, syds1girl, so nice to see you here too! I have been wanting to try that spruce tip tea you mentioned on your blog, but my hubby says he doesn't think we have any spruce in our woods ... mostly fir, pine and hemlock. I guess he would know!

    Yes, don't these international type recipes look delicious? I will be trying some of these for sure.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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