Monday, May 07, 2012

This week's goals ... and a sigh of relief

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Last week I met my two biggest goals, to finish Sunday School Lesson 8 and to finish proofreading the summer devotional book I produce each year for our church's children's ministry.  I also kept up with my water intake pretty well, but my other goals fell pretty much by the wayside.

For this week, here are my goals:

*  Begin study of Sunday School lesson 9
*  Limit sugar (I'm off to a bad start with this one already)
*  Keep up with crafting goals (which I have yet to set)
*  Exercise 4 to 5 times
*  Keep up a good water intake
*  Get to bed by 10 pm each night
*  Post regularly in one or both of my blogs
*  Keep up with Kelly's Missions for Zone 2, the kitchen.

And that should be plenty to keep me out of trouble!

The sigh of relief involves this year's kids' summer devotional book.  This year I was reusing the one I wrote in 2004.  It is called Camp Evergreen and has a summer camp theme.  There were some pages I needed to update, and I had an extra page that I needed to write, so those obviously had to be retyped.  I got those done in a fairly timely fashion and then set about moving them into my folder of originals in the appropriate places.  That's when I discovered that my originals -- the hard copies from 2004 -- were in a different font and size!  And that's when I remembered that I had done that book on a different computer and had gotten it onto this one via the expedient of emailing it to myself.  After which I reformatted everything because I needed to send it out to some people in pdf files.  So the new hard copies didn't match the old ones.  Suffice it to say that I had to reprint all of the pages, not just the ones I had updated.

It all took time, but now, praise God, the book is at the printer!  And I'm breathing a sigh of relief.

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