Friday, May 18, 2012

Our April getaway

I have procrastinated about this post long enough.  I am just going to put up pictures with captions and hope that you enjoy seeing some scenes from our getaway up north near the end of April.  It rained some of the time, but we really didn't mind that; we had brought a jigsaw puzzle, some movies and plenty of reading material, so we enjoyed listening to the rain as we remained cozily indoors.  On the last full day it rained until midafternoon (the prediction was for all day), but then there was some partial clearing so we went down on the dock and sat in a patch of sun which was coming through a break in the clouds.  We were able to sit there for a couple of hours until things completely clouded in and the rain began again.  Our own little miracle!  We also went out to breakfast two different mornings and enjoyed that so much.  The rest of the time, we cooked our meals in the cabin.  It was a very relaxing, refreshing time and  we are thankful for it!
The reflections in the lake were amazing!

As the day drew to a close, the reflections were still there.

Reflections of clouds.  Yes, this picture is right side up!

Mr. T got a little carried away taking reflection pictures...

Some of the docks -- our favorite sitting spot.

One of the best loon pictures we got.

A pair of loons right outside our window on a rainy day.

The cabin we stayed in.  We ate some of our meals on the porch.

The best sunset we had; not the best picture, but the best we could do.

We enjoy walking up the road to this beach area.

Our cozy fireplace
Hope you have enjoyed this little look at our April getaway!


  1. It sounds like the perfect getaway Mrs T!! Love your cabin right on the water and that lovely fire. I could just curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee and spend the whole day in a quite content manner!!

  2. It looks so peaceful and calming! Don't you just love to get away from everything for a bit?!

    You reminded me I need to put up some pics of our trip over to Alberta a couple of weeks ago!

  3. Hi Arlene and Susan!

    You are both right! It was indeed peaceful and calming and the perfect getaway spot. Such a quiet and tranquil place, and no phones in the cabins (no cell service up there either) so nothing disturbed us. It's always like breathing a sigh of relief when we are able to go up there.

    Arlene, yes, coffee! Having devotions and coffee on the dock in the morning is the best, but curling up with coffee and a book by the fire is wonderful too.

    Yes, the cabin is right on the water as Arlene noticed. You look out the window from the living room or from the dining table, and all you see is water (and a tree or two). I love that! When our out-West daughter and family come to visit this fall, we are going to take them up to this lake for a few days, using one of the larger cabins where we can all stay together. They have heard us talk about this place many times but have never visited it. Should be fun, though of course not as restful as going by ourselves.

    Susan, I'll look forward to seeing your Alberta pictures!

  4. Cabin getaways are the best! I'm glad you had that quiet time & I would have gotten carried away with the reflection pics, too! They are just beautiful.

  5. Thanks, Mary Ann! Yes, this cabin is our favorite place to get away, and there is no place like it for peace and quiet. (Although I'm sure it gets quite noisy in snowmobile season.) Mr. T actually took many more reflection pics than what I posted. He went a little crazy with them, but they are pretty, aren't they?


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