Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Newest addition to my strawberry collection

My new bowl and tray set in place on the hutch for now.  Notice my McCoy salt & pepper shakers behind them.
 One really fun thing about having a collection of any sort is that when people know you collect a certain thing, they will gift you with items for your collection when they run across them.  I have been given some amazing items for my strawberry collection in this way.  (If you have not seen them, click on "strawberries" or "collections" in the label cloud at right to see more.)

It was in just such a way that I acquired this most recent item -- a lovely strawberry themed tray and bowl set.  I would think that the bowls would work nicely for dips and one could spread crackers on the tray -- or use the bowls for fruit dips and surround with bite-sized fruits.  Another thought would be to use the bowls for candies or relishes.  My friend Ruth found this set on a bargain-shopping expedition with some other mutual friends and decided it had to be mine!  Isn't she a thoughtful and generous friend? 
Just the tray -- notice it has a few strawberry blossoms on it as well.

Just the bowls
Bowls and tray together -- I love them!!!
Hope this look at my colorful new strawberry set has brightened your day! One thing about collecting strawberries -- their brilliant colors light up even dreary rainy days like this one.


  1. Lovely Mrs T!! My aunt has a strawberry collection too! Isn't God good to give us sweet friends?

  2. Those are sweet. :) Strawberries do brighten ones day. Thank you for your comment today.

  3. Hi ladies!

    Arlene -- yes, God is indeed good to give us sweet friends. That is so neat that your aunt collects strawberries too.

    Nikki -- thanks for stopping by to see my strawberry things. I hope that your day has been good -- am off to check out your next post soon. I'm working on your felt food and have quite a bit done. Hope to have it all finished in a couple of weeks!

  4. Lovely Mrs T. I have a dear friend who has an extensive collection of strawberries and you are right, I can always find something that she will like!

  5. Isn't that fun!? I don't know about your friend, but in my case, I don't seem to have any two strawberry items alike -- oh, except for some soup bowls which I have three of. There used to be four, but one got broken many years ago. Thanks for stopping by to see my new dishes!


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