Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Before we get any further into 2013 ...

... I am going to post, as I've been intending to for weeks, about the couples' retreat at The Wilds of New England back in late October.  It was such a blessing!
 Because TWNE does not have the necessary accommodations to house couples, those attending had the choice of getting a hotel room for overnight, or simply staying at home and driving to and from the sessions on Friday night and Saturday.  Mr. T opted for the hotel room for us, and we were glad we did.  We had a great night's rest and a delicious complimentary breakfast the next morning.  Supper on Friday, plus lunch and supper on Saturday, were served at TWNE and were also very good.

The speaker for the retreat was Dr. Les Ollila, chancellor of Northland International University in Wisconsin.  He was such an encouragement as he shared God's Word with us!
This wall art expresses the mission statement of The Wilds.
It was such a blessing to enjoy Bible teaching, fellowship, excellent music, and plenty of fun and good food in such a beautiful setting.  Mr. T and I shared a pumpkin nor'eastah (like a McFlurry® or Blizzard®, only pumpkin) at the Sweet Shoppe
The Sweet Shoppe
and some delicious Italian cream sodas
A coconut cream soda
 and coffee (at different times of the day, of course) at the Cool Beans coffee shop.
The fireplace in Cool Beans
It was raining on the Friday night (just like 2011) but cleared off for the hayride and hike on Saturday afternoon.  All in all, just a wonderful weekend together!


  1. What a blessing to spend a weekend together! I LOVE that the wall art!!!

    All your felt food is soooooo cute!!Those shields look like lots of fun too :).

    Will you be selling food on Etsy?

    Happy 2013 :)!!!
    Praying it will be a year filled with blessings!

    I loved reading your goals for the year.

  2. Hi 1HappyWife!!!!

    So happy to see you here! Glad you've been enjoying the posts.

    We love TWNE and are so happy it's in New England. I'm planning to go to the ladies' retreat this fall and then, Lord willing, Mr. T and I will again attend the couples' retreat. So much fun and so edifying and encouraging!

    Glad you enjoyed seeing the felt food and shields. No, I probably wouldn't be likely to sell any felt food because most of the patterns I use specify not to sell things made from them. Now, if I should invent some entirely new items, that would be a different story. Not sure yet what all I would sell, but some would be vintage sewing patterns and the like, I imagine.

    Hope your family has a year full of blessings as well. I enjoy your blog (and Nikki's) so much!


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