Monday, December 31, 2012

Just a few more handmade gifts

This cute vintage tag was on a gift from my grandmother many years ago.
 Here are just a few more handmade gifts.  I know some people have wanted to see these, so here are some pictures.  Most of these were made for grandkids, with one exception.

I made more felt strawberries and gave a dozen to each of two grandkids.  They continue to love the felt food and are always happy to get more.
I packaged these in plastic berry boxes.
Julia opening her felt strawberries
I sent felt pie slices to two of my Nevada grandkids.
Lemon pie

Pumpkin pie
Chocolate pie
Oh yes, and felt pancakes for the little guy.

Here are the pillow fight shields I made for seven of the kids.

The Nevada four
The local three
The backs of the shields are fitted with elastic handles.
Sam with shield
Julia's sparkly purple shield

Josiah with shield
Flannel hand warmers filled with rice seemed to be a hit with the local five.  Hope they are using them when they play in the snow!
Sam's favorite color is red.
And lastly, I made some crocheted hot mats in Christmas colors for my daughter's birthday.  Only one was included in the package, as I only had one completed when it was time to mail the box.  So the hot mats don't look exactly like these, which I made last year for someone else.

This year's are  mostly the variegated Christmas colors with a dark green edging.  One great thing about this pattern is that it comes out different looking every time with the different color combination.  And it is also very easy, although it looks complicated.

Hope you have enjoyed this look at the last few handmade gifts.  Now I am starting some new projects for birthdays and next Christmas!


  1. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Mrs T, your crafts are so adorable and the food looks delicious. :) I am not much of a seamstress but I hope to take up crocheting again soon.

    Happy New Year's Eve to you.

  2. Thanks, Mrs. R! Felt food is pretty easy sewing. The pie slices and pancakes were partially sewed by machine, which helps a lot. The hand warmers were super simple, too.

    Hope you do take up crocheting again soon! I learned how to crochet many years ago and have made lots of afghans, sweaters, etc. in the past but hadn't crocheted much for a long time. Then a few years ago I got started again with dishcloths and these wonderful hot mats. I'd forgotten how much fun it was!

    Happy New Year to you as well!

  3. I love seeing all your handmade gifts! The felt food is amazing. I love how even simple things are cherished gifts!

  4. Thanks, Susan! Felt food can be somewhat addictive, I've found (about as much so as mug rugs) and the kids just love it. Julia happened to see me working on some felt strawberries (for someone else) some time ago, and begged to take "just one" home with her. I didn't give in, but did make her a dozen for Christmas!

    I am blessed in that all of my grandchildren seem to really like and appreciate the handmade gifts. I'm glad about that, as you can imagine!


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