Sunday, December 02, 2012

December 2

This Christmas card, which someone made for us some years ago, sort of captures the feeling of our little town for me.
 Mr. T and I hope to put up our Christmas tree tonight, but we will see!  Yesterday it snowed most of the day, just a light, steady snow that created a lovely Christmas atmosphere.  We went out for a late breakfast at our favorite diner in town, and the falling snow lent such a Christmas-card look to our little town.  The greenery-bedecked lamp posts were glowing, the shoppers were bustling along the sidewalk ... so pretty and festive.

Today the temperatures are significantly warmer, and it is raining steadily.  All that to say we may not want to haul our Christmas tree out of the garage and bring it in.  It's an older (though very realistic) artificial tree, and every year we think will be its last.  And then, when we take it down we decide we can get one more year out of it...

We did buy this newer  tree

at an after-Christmas clearance last year.  It wasn't really what we wanted, plus it had clearly been used, as we found when we set it up, but the price was right and we decided the narrow tree was just right for a space in our  bedroom.  We love its cheery glow in the dark early mornings, especially.

Yesterday I put away all of the fall decorations and put a few Christmas things out.  The real decorating will begin when we get the ornaments and other things out of the attic after we get the tree set  up.  If we do manage to get the tree up this evening, we will just put the lights on and do the ornaments another day.

One thing I did get in place was my Christmas ribbon board filled with part of my collection of vintage cards.  They are so sweet.

I also tried a new recipe for Hot Chocolate Bark, and am mentioning that here in case you don't visit my Christmas blog.
Photo by Susie QT pies Scraps of Life
It was a  hit at today's church potluck and will surely make a great kitchen gift this Christmas season.  Enjoy!


  1. Mrs. T, I loved reading your description about the atmosphere in your little town - so much that I had to read it a second time. :)

    Like you, we have an artificial tree that we keep thinking that it may not make it another year, but we are so fond of it and can't retire it, although we keep having to repair broken parts. It's a large tree, takes us all day to get up, and has been dubbed the "monster tree," but is so full and pretty. I used to put a tree up in our bedroom and it does make a room so cozy. I miss that, but have our room too full of furniture this year to put one up.

    Hope you have a great week as you get your house all Christmasy!

  2. Oh, Mrs. Smith,

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the description of our town. It was short -- I didn't have a lot of time -- but am thankful it conveyed a bit of the atmosphere to you. Our town is a college town and the downtown used to have a sort of gritty look to it, but over the past few years it has taken on a very nice vintage look which we enjoy.

    For years we cut trees off our own acres, then we bought them at tree farms for a few years. Friends gave us this older artificial tree when they downsized. The trunk is real wood and the tree far more realistic than any trees I have seen in the stores. But I fear that this, indeed, will be its last year.

    Thanks for stopping in. I must get over and visit your place as well. I always love it when I see you have put up a new post!

  3. I love small towns at Christmas! My mother grew up in a small town in SC, and every year when I was a little girl, they would put up decorations on the light poles downtown. I was always fascinated by those decorations when we'd go through town on the way to my grandmother's. There was a candle, a candy cane, a wreath, and an angel, I think, several of each of those, made of what seemed to be strips of plastic with lights on them. And there was a large star on top of the water tower on the edge of town. So many happy memories of that little town! All that to say I loved the description of your town!

  4. Susan, thanks for stopping by and for sharing such sweet memories of a little town from your childhood. I loved reading them. I remember seeing lighted decorations like those you describe. I can imagine how they would fascinate a child. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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