Saturday, December 29, 2012

More handmade gifts

The adorable graphic is from Little Birdie Blessings.
Here are a few more handmade gifts, all for grandchildren.  Perhaps I can show more tomorrow.

I had posted on my Christmas blog about these cute carriers for the Matchbox®-type cars.  My young grandkids all seem to love these cars, trucks and other vehicles and often seem to carry them in their pockets.  I had seen this pattern for a Car Caddy and so I made three of them for gifts.  I thought I would share on this blog as well, since I know that not all of my readers visit my Christmas blog.
The front of the caddy is shown on the left; the back of the caddy is on the right.
The inside of the caddy has pockets and a track for the cars.
For little girls, I had seen this tutorial for a Bracelet Purse and really wanted to make one each  for my younger two granddaughters (ages 4 and 6).  They came out quite cute, I thought, and the girls seemed to like them.  I filled them with little boxes of crayons, lip balm, tiny bottles of bubble bath, and so on.

Here is Emily's purse.  Emily loves color.
This shows the green lining.  Vibrant!
Here is Julia's.  The lining for  hers is a sparkly purple.  These are fun because you can do them using fat quarters.
Julia investigating the contents of her purse.  I love her shirt!  It's an icy blue and says "Snow Princess".

 Hope you have enjoyed this look at a few of my simple handcrafts!

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