Tuesday, December 04, 2012

December 4

My daughter picked out this card one year.  It says "My warmest memories of winters past: A snowman, hot chocolate and skating fast."
 It is warm and drizzly here today, and all of the snow we got on Friday and Saturday is gone.  But if I wanted to make snowballs, I have everything I need on hand to make them!
Photo by Rose Chintz Cottage
If you would like to add some snowy sparkle to your Christmas decorating, check out these sparkly snowballs at Christmas Pudding!  Sandi tells you exactly how she made them.  It's easy -- the basic ingredients, which you probably have on hand, include foam ball shapes, mod podge or a glue/water mix, and epsom salts.  (Well,  maybe not everyone keeps a stash of foam ball shapes on hand, but I have some, and maybe you do too.)

Christmas Pudding is a beautiful Christmas blog.  If you have never visited it or Sandi's other blog, Rose Chintz Cottage, you will want to stop in for a visit.  Both blogs are simply beautiful and so inspiring.

Whether you have snow where you are or not, I hope you are enjoying the blessings of the season!


  1. I had to laugh when you mentioned maybe you do not have foam balls? I do not think we have EVER had one but those sure are cute.

  2. I guess my styrofoam stash DOES give me away as a former art teacher and a Christmas crafter, doesn't it? But yes, Sandi's snowballs are adorable and I hope to make a few of them.

    Hope you are feeling better! At least you are laughing!

  3. Thanks for sharing the blog sites Mrs T. I went over to visit this evening.

  4. You're welcome, Arlene! I'm glad you could go for a visit. I know we are not supposed to envy but I am tempted to envy Sandi, living as she does on Prince Edward Island. We have been to PEI perhaps a half dozen times and would love to live there. Guess visiting Sandi's blogs is the next best thing!


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