Saturday, December 08, 2012

December 8

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Another busy day, but we did accomplish quite a bit toward Christmas.  Mr. T spent much of the morning in the kitchen making fudge.  He made Heavenly Delight and also a Creamsicle Fudge that we all enjoy.  Tonight after supper he tried a rocky road fudge recipe from a Betty Crocker recipe calendar I have.  It is new to us, so we will take some to the potluck at church tomorrow and see how it goes over!

He also investigated in the attic as I was sure I had purchased some gifts from on clearance after Christmas last year.  He thought he remembered seeing a Kohls box up there.  Sure enough, it was there and so another gift or two is taken care of.

We made a quick run to our nearest Wal*Mart that sells fabric and picked up some needed components for crafted gifts (and also for fudge!).  I worked on a cross-stitched gift on the way there and back, and it is nearly done!  When we got home, I finished up one of the sewed gifts and did work on several more.

We had my dad up for supper and cooked a ham and scalloped potatoes to go along with homemade beans and coleslaw.  After supper I filled the slow cooker for tomorrow's potluck and then did some more crafting.  A productive day!

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