Friday, December 28, 2012

A few pictures of handmade gifts

Graphic from Little Birdie Blessings
I don't have time today to share all of the crafts I made for Christmas gifts, but here are a few.

I made three sets of mug rugs:
These were for a friend whose name I drew in the Sunday School gift exchange.  This shows the fronr and back sides.
Just the front sides of these Christmas mug rugs.
I made these for a friend.
I made these for a Yankee swap at church.
 I used the same pattern (adapted somewhat) for all three, but the author of the tutorial encourages creativity with the side panel -- the larger panel where the embroidery is on some of the mug rugs -- and suggests using not just embroidery but other possible options as well -- applique, or just showcasing a particularly pretty piece of fabric.

This is the pattern I used:  tea time mug rugs.  I chose to use only a 1/4" seam allowance with the strips, rather than 1/2", so I ended up needing only 6 pieces rather than 7.

And I made 2 aprons for middle school age girls.  I think these would fit teens as well, and probably even adults.  The picture on the pattern (from Gooseberry Patch Christmas book 12) showed a young teenage girl.

These were made from tea towels and turned out simply adorable.  They were very fast to make, just simple cutting, pressing and sewing.  The neck/waist tie is grosgrain ribbon.

And here is a cross stitch trivet I made for my daughter's birthday.

It's actually a plexiglas trivet with cross stitch insert.  The pattern is from Cross Country Stitching and is one of several projects with a tea time theme.

Hope you have enjoyed this look at a few recent crafts!


  1. Very pretty!!! Being a cross stitcher, I love the trivet! I am going to have to remember to check out your Christmas blog more regularly for all your good ideas.

  2. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Everything you made is gorgeous! I've never heard of mug rugs but I am guessing that they are like coasters.

  3. Hi ladies -- thanks for your sweet comments and for visiting here at my kitchen table!

    Arlene -- I tend to be very forgetful. The only way I remember to check out blogs for ideas as you mentioned is by 1) putting the link in my sidebar; or 2) subscribing to the blog by email. Please do visit my Christmas kitchen anytime -- I would love to see you there!

    Mrs. R -- yes, from what I understand, a mug rug is like a coaster that is just large enough for a mug of something and a small plate to hold a cookie, muffin, scone or whatever. The pattern I used is a great way to use up smallish pieces of fabric from one's stash. I am finding that making mug rugs could become habit forming!

  4. I just love all your gifts, Mrs. T!!! I have fallen in love with mug rugs, but I have yet to make one. The link you provided inspires me to try one, because it looks pretty straightforward.

    Cross stitch was my first crafting love, and Cross Country Stitching is my favorite source of patterns. I love the Tea Time theme! I didn't even know you could get acrylic trivets with inserts - great idea!

    I hope you'll have time to share some more of your handcrafted gifts. I love seeing them!

  5. Hi Susan!

    Hope you are feeling better! You sound better!

    Yes, I see lots more mug rugs in my future too. What a great way to use up smallish scraps from my stash! I have saved a few other patterns, but so far this is the only one I've tried, and I may just stick with it because it is easy and, as you said, straightforward.

    The acrylic trivets (at least the ones I've seen) come without any sort of insert as such. One just inserts the finished cross stitch piece into the trivet. I bought mine from Cross Country Stitching, though I imagine you can find them at cross stitch shops or needlework shops. I haven't seen them anywhere else.

    I do hope maybe I can post some more pictures today. I want to post links to the tutorials I used as well, so that may slow me down a bit. I do have the pictures on the computer now, at least.

    Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table!


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