Sunday, December 09, 2012

December 9

(Photo by Taste of Home)
Sundays are always busy, but on winter Sundays we have a potluck and an afternoon service at church, which means a little bit more time at home in the late afternoon.  Today we had a little less time at home than usual due to different things we were doing, but our evening was devoted to Christmas preparations.

I worked on a couple of stitchery projects (and finished one of them!) while Mr. T worked in the kitchen and made a double batch of Eggnog Logs.  He did not frost them yet, but formed all of the dough into logs and baked them.  We'll frost them on another day.  If you try the recipe, I should mention that we never use the rum extract in them.  The nutmeg (especially if you grate your own) makes them taste eggnog-y enough.  These cookies are a big Christmas favorite in our family!


  1. They are a favorite here, for sure! He frosted them yesterday so now they are all finished and stashed in the freezer.


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