Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19

Wednesdays are always busy days for me, with quite a bit of my day spent out of the house.  But I did find time to do a bit of embroidery this morning and some sewing as well, and did manage to finish half of a homemade gift for a friend.   The other half of it is coming along well and should easily be finished tomorrow morning.   I fit in a tiny bit of sewing this afternoon after getting home, but not much.  I hope to make another gift like it for the person whose name I drew in our Sunday School gift exchange, which will take place on Sunday.  We will see!

In other Christmasy news, I sent out several Christmas cards this morning and got a few more ready to send out tomorrow.  And at church tonight, a friend gave me a sweet Christmas decoration she had found at a thrift store.  I love it when friends or family give me items for my collections.  From then on, whenever I see those items, they remind me of the friends who created those items or purchased them for me.  Later this week, I would love to do a post about some of the tree ornaments that remind me of particular people.  From thinking of those friends it is but a short step to praying for them!


  1. I have really been enjoying reading about your different projects etc. :) You are ALWAYS busy. sooo happy you have been posting everyday. I always read them just do not always take time to comment.

  2. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Mrs. Josh! After Christmas I will be able to post pictures of the various projects, just can't do it right now because people might see their gifts before the day! I did want to mention I have been using some of the fabric you sent me, in a few of the small projects. So thanks again for your thoughtfulness in sending that!


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