Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12 ~ Christmas mail

This wonderful photo was in New Hampshire Troubadour for December 1950.  I love the simpler, safer, saner time that it evokes.
Christmas mail has begun arriving in our mailbox.  I am sure there are many people who begin sending out their Christmas cards on December 1, but apparently our friends and family are not among them.  (I'm certainly not!)  In the past few days, though, we've received a Christmas card and a Christmas letter.  It's fun to open up the mailbox and find some "real" mail in there -- not just junk and bills.

Growing up, my siblings and I frequently vied for [make that fought over] the privilege of getting the mail.  How important we felt opening up that box and bringing the contents into the house, then sorting it out to the rightful owners (usually my parents unless one of us had a birthday or a letter from a pen pal).  Back then, of course, most people wrote letters.  Email was unheard of and long-distance phone calls were expensive.  So in opening the mailbox, who knew what treasures might await?

Never was that more true than at Christmas time.  Maybe that's why I'm drawn to vintage Christmas cards that depict country mailboxes overflowing with cards and festive packages.  Here are a few from my collection.  Feel free to pin or save them for your own use.
I absolutely love this one... the falling snow, the frosty pine cones and bushes, the holly trimming the mailboxes...

Forest friends at the mailbox

A festive red mailbox ... love it!

Very similar to the one above it, isn't it?  I had never noticed that before.  It has to be by the same artist.
So sweet.  I love the chickadees and the red berries.

Such festive trims on this one.
 Hope you have enjoyed this look at some of my vintage cards!


  1. I agree Mrs T....getting REAL mail is such a treat in our computer age. I have gotten about eight cards so far and I am looking forward to more~

  2. We rarely get cards in the mail since we moved to Canada. Our church members give us theirs at church. The thing to do the past few years are photo postcards, which are fun to keep and compare over the years.

    I love the 2 red mailboxes, especially the first one. I think they might be two angles of the same one, like you said. Neat!

  3. Hi ladies!

    I think we have about six or seven cards now, Arlene. I have a little system whereby I send out a card when we receive one, but I've not found time to send even one yet!

    Susan -- our church family tends to exchange cards with one another at church too; it sure does save on postage!

    I think I have a vintage Christmas card addiction. I just love them! I had never noticed prior to this week that I had two nearly identical red mailbox scenes. I'm going to keep a lookout on Pinterest and the like and see if I can discover more vintage cards that picture mailboxes.


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