Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hamburgers, anyone?

 Finally I can post pictures of these fun felt hamburgers which I sent to my grandson Micah for his birthday.  I intended to make them all cheeseburgers, but only had enough cheese-colored felt to make one.
I will make some more felt cheese slices when I can get to a Jo-Ann's to get the proper color of felt.

Here is the link to the tutorial I used: Felt Cheeseburger.

I also made felt ripple chips and the bags to contain them.  Here's the link for that tutorial: Felt Ripple Chips and Bags.
I must add that this is a picture from several years ago when I made bags of chips for my other grandkids.  This time around, I made all four of the bags red.
The pattern for the chips  also includes components for sandwiches -- ham (or bologna, I forget which) and cheese, along with lettuce and tomato, and peanut butter and jelly.  I used the tomato pattern from this tutorial for the cheeseburgers.

I was limited in how many chips I could make by the amount of chip-colored felt in my stash.  I was literally sewing scraps together to make chips!  (You can tell that our local Wal*Mart is limited in its selection of felt colors ... nonetheless, I am just thankful that they carry felt again!)

These went over very well with the recipient and his siblings!  I made four of everything so he could share.  If you're looking to get started in making felt food, these items might be a good place to start because everything is quite easy and a lot of it is done with the sewing machine rather than by hand.  I will warn you though ... making felt food can be addictive!


  1. Totally are such a wonderful crafter.

  2. Oh, Arlene, thanks so much! This was a fun project and so easy to do. I think I may enjoy making the felt food almost as much as the kids enjoy using it!


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