Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Adding instant Christmas spirit to a couch or chair

You can add instant Christmas spirit to a room just by folding (or even tossing) a Christmasy throw onto the arm or back of a couch or chair.   Here are some posts that detail how I've done just that:

 Simple Flannel Throw is the one pictured at the top.  I made the reverse side a plain dark green flannel so that I can use it all year round, just folded the other way.  Making the couch Christmasy is a matter of reversing the throw and folding it with the Christmas print outward.

And here is a Christmas Fabric Throw.

This one has a holly print on one side
and a fun quilt-like print on the other side, featuring rooms decorated for Christmas.  If you follow the link you will get a closer look at the print.

So why not make or buy a simple Christmas throw or two to add some instant Christmas spirit to your rooms?

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