Monday, December 29, 2014

Blue Christmas

From my collection of vintage cards
... Christmas cards. that is!  I mentioned the other day about how much I enjoy cards with certain types of scenes on them.  And I also find myself drawn to Christmas cards and wrapping paper with blue backgrounds, or with much of the design in blue.  These cards and papers vary in shades of blue and in intensity, but they are all so beautiful to me.  Enjoy!

a detail from a vintage card
Another detail from the same card
A newer card, but I find it no less beautiful
Such pretty coffee cups, some with a blue design.  From an A&P coffee ad.
Blue city scene.  Love this.

Vintage girl in blue

From my collection.  I have always loved this skating scene.

Snowy night.  Love the peaceful feeling this evokes.

The inside of the skating card

Walking to Town by Fred Swan.  More of a midnight blue.  I love this card.

So pretty
Headed to church on a snowy day

Love the blue shadows on the snow

From a vintage carol book

Red farmhouse by Fred Swan

Isn't this snowflake coffee service lovely?

Greeting friends on a snowy afternoon
And now for some scans of Christmas wrapping paper:
What a glorious winter scene!

Winter activities
This scenic paper belonged to my great-aunt.  She taped it up every year for a decoration.

I've always liked this interesting paper.  This is all that's left of it!
I'm not sure just why I find these blue Christmas items so beautiful, but I think it may have something to do with the blue light we often see on the snow at dusk.  Something about it just "says" December.  Hope you have enjoyed these blue Christmas scenes!


  1. Those are great! You'd love our flea markets here in Croatia, there are thousands of antique cards here. I actually bought and sold some a couple years ago.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing these paper treasures, Tori! I probably *would* enjoy your flea markets, they sound wonderful!


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