Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A little tradition in the making

 ... and a few other Christmasy preparations.

Last Saturday we took three of our grandchildren out for brunch and some shopping for their parents and baby sister.  We started this little tradition a few years back when we took them to a favorite shop on an evening before Christmas for ice cream sundaes.

from the first year, I think

Flags top off the sundaes
 We then went to a local McDonalds for supper -- yes, that was getting it a little backwards, but the shop with the ice cream closed early so we had to do supper and dessert in reverse order.

After that, we took them to a favorite shopping place where Mr. T and I enjoy going at Christmas time.

A walk over to see the waterfall is essential.  And then we took them to a local dollar store where they bought gifts that they later wrapped and smuggled under the Christmas tree to surprise their parents.

Last year we did the same outing, only we were able to switch things around and have supper first.

This year, because of our time constraints (we had a party to attend at supper time) we decided to take them out for brunch at a favorite diner, rather than the McDonalds/ice cream sundae route.  Then we visited the waterfall and a couple of shops prior to the shopping trip.  I am really not sure which they liked better -- fast food/ice cream sundaes, or the diner, where they chose lunch and Mr. T and I enjoyed omelets.  We will have to confer with them and their parents, but I suspect we may have messed with tradition and that it may be back to ice cream next year!

While at the dollar store, I found some great jars to package hot chocolate mix in -- nicer than these,

which are from a previous year.

I was also able to find some other components for a gift I wanted to make.

When we got home, Mr. T and another grandchild made some peppermint bark and also set up our lighted houses under the Christmas tree.
Peppermint bark is in the center of this cookie tray.  The chocolate cookies at the upper right are Sacher Torte cookies, which I baked some of this week.
The lighted houses in years gone by
That night I was able to finish a crocheted Christmas stocking I was making and also to start one of these Christmas star dishcloths:

And of course we have been continuing to bake.  Sacher Torte cookies, which I refer to above and which I baked yesterday and filled today, may be found at this link:
Fun and Festive Cookies.

Those are some of the Christmasy happenings in our world!


  1. What a lovely place and dessert before dinner sounds perfect!!

  2. Tori, I am so sorry not to have responded to your comment earlier! I always try to reply to comments right away, but for whatever reason I missed a few in December and January.

    Yes, it is a lovely place! If you and your family ever happen to be in northern New England, let me know. We will take you there!


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