Friday, December 07, 2018

December 7 -- Friday five

How did it get to be Friday again?  This week has passed so quickly!  Although I did get a slightly different perspective on this yesterday, when one of my granddaughters (a high school sophomore) commented that the week seemed so long.  It has been so long -- between snow days and holidays -- since they had an actual five-day week, that it seemed really out of the ordinary! 

On with my Friday five!

1.  The chance to go out for breakfast, Christmas shopping and ice cream with three of our grands.  These kids are such a delight to be with!  Their parents are doing an amazing job.

2.  The opportunity to informally disciple a couple of new-ish believers while regularly sharing a meal together.  Such a blessing.
Gorgeous, meaningful graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
3.  The chance to get out and walk three days this week.  Monday was warm and sunny; yesterday and Wednesday were a bit breezier and colder but we still got in an hour or so of walking.
4.  Being able to go out for breakfast with my husband on Tuesday when he had an unexpected day off from work.  So relaxing.  I may have mentioned once or twice that I pray daily for times of relaxation for us.  His job is high stress and he has heavy responsibilities at church.  I've got a pretty full plate myself, so when God provides a few moments or hours of relaxation it just helps so much!
5.  Strength and wisdom for a very full day yesterday.  If I had looked at December 6 on the calendar last week, it would have been an empty square.  An unexpected dentist appointment then was factored in, and then a hair appointment was rescheduled to that day.  A walk and a trip to Walmart also figured in there, not to mention scanning and listing items for my Etsy shop, preparing an Etsy order, making a menu plan for the week, and more.  But God gave strength and it was a good day.

That's this week's Friday five!


  1. Those busy days when a great deal gets accomplished are few and far apart for me. Glad that your 6th was just such a day!

  2. We are always busy, but busy seems to kick into high gear in December!! Deep breath and carry on!!


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