Friday, December 14, 2018

December 14 -- Friday five

Time for Friday five again!  I'm just for the most part using photos from previous years in this post, as I haven't yet finished my Christmas decorating (or shopping, or wrapping, or card writing, or cookie baking).  I seem to have been spending my time on higher priority pursuits this season, and that's okay.  On with the Friday five:

1.  Getting to walk four out of five days this week.  I don't take that lightly because it's by no means a given, this time of year.  Even though some of the days have been really cold -- yesterday was 10º -- we've had dry roads and that is such a blessing.  We don't even need boots!

2.  Being able to attend our granddaughters' winter concert on Monday evening.  (One is in the chorus and the other in the band.)  I was planning to go, but it didn't look likely for Mr. T to be able to get there.  It was neat to see God's hand orchestrating events so that he got home from other responsibilities much earlier than expected and was able to get to the concert and see all of it.  The kids did an amazing job.  Their public high school has a fantastic music department (as does the local elementary school).

3.  Finishing my last "official" handmade gift (there are still a few more small projects I'd like to do) and getting most of my Nevada gifts sent off.  Just one more box to go, I think.

4.  Seeing a Pileated Woodpecker on a roadside tree during our walk on Wednesday.  What a gift!  They tend to stay deeper in the forest.  This is the closest I have ever been to one.  Of course, I didn't have a camera, but the scene looked just about like the one below.  You can't really tell from the photo, but a pileated woodpecker is just about the size of a crow.  They are large birds.
Photo from All About Birds
5. A busy but profitable afternoon yesterday as I combined tree decorating, cookie baking, and several household tasks.  Today promises to be another busy day, so I am trusting God for strength and wisdom for it as well.

And that is my Friday five for this week!


  1. You go girl walking in the cold!! I have been using Leslie Sansone's walking posts on You Tube and frankly the last few days have been so busy I have not managed to get one done. Hoping in the New Year to get back to my discipline.

  2. A woodpecker is a great sighting and walking in cold is to be admired. I tend to get lazy in winter. I need to get out there today. It has been very rainy this December.

  3. Mrs T, 10 degrees! My that is cold. I need to start walking again!

  4. I enjoyed your list and photos!!


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