Saturday, May 18, 2019

A day at the ocean

While my Nevada daughter was here, we took a day trip to the ocean.  Since she and the kids were only here for one week,  they wanted to just spend most of it hanging out with family.  But they did hope for one nice day to go to the ocean.  The one good day of their visit was the Monday -- we had rain at least part of all the other days.  So we headed for York Beach and Nubble Light.

We spent a good bit of time at Long Sands beach, where the kids enjoyed beachcombing and playing in the sand at the water's edge.  It was mostly sunny with a few clouds and not too chilly, although there was a bit of a breeze.

This photo just does my heart good.  I enjoy so much when my two girls can be together, even though it is very seldom.
We had brought picnic lunches, and took them over to Nubble Light.  It was a lot windier there and we really had to hold onto our food so it wouldn't blow away.  After lunch the kids explored the rocks and tide pools, pretty much to their heart's content.
 Elliott and cousin Ben (both part of the Nevada group)
 We got to see a lobsterman tending his traps.  That was so neat!
 A group of scuba diving students preparing to enter the water
All nine kids together!
 The ever-photogenic Nubble Light.

After leaving Nubble, we went up to Ogunquit just for a quick stop at a shop that had one of those souvenir penny-flattening machines.  The kids have special books for collecting these flattened pennies and so they like to seek out a machine in areas they visit.  (The photos below are from Shoshone Falls, Idaho this past fall, but it will give you an idea what the penny machines look like if you've never seen one.)

Between penny-flattening and souvenir shopping at the same shop, we adults debated whether to stop for fast food on the way home or to go for a regular restaurant which might serve seafood.  We opted for a nicer place and enjoyed a lovely fish and chips special!

 Several of the kids occupying themselves while waiting for our food
The Nevada contingent
It could have been a bit warmer and a little less windy, but it was the day God had given us and we couldn't have been more thankful for our day at the ocean!


  1. Looks like my kind of day. Just perfect and I know you were enjoying that. We have a few flattened pennies in the bedrooms here as well:)

    1. That's fun to know, Sandy, that your family flattened pennies also. Yes, it was a perfect day. So thankful to the Lord for working out the details of this trip East for our daughter!

  2. How fun!! I did not realize you have an Elliott too Mrs T. I know you were in heaven with all your family visiting.

    1. Yes, we do have an Elliott. Ours will be ten on November 1.

      It was indeed a blessed time to have Joanna and several of her kids here. So thankful it worked out for them to make this trip.

  3. Everything about that day was memory making. I suspect that your girls maintain a close relationship despite the miles between them. Sisters often do! Wonderful pictures of your terrific family. So glad that you had the time to be together and that you chose to spend some of your time at the beach. (Never have seen a penny flattening machine...I thought trains were for that. 😉)

  4. Indeed it was; such a memory making day indeed. And now I have a photo on my wall as a permanent reminder of the time!

    Our girls do maintain a pretty close relationship despite the miles and time zones between. Such a blessing that this year they could see one another both here and in Nevada!

    Oh yes, our grands have done their share of putting pennies on railroad tracks! But the machines are fun also. I actually have a pair of earrings made in Idaho from flattened pennies! The granddaughters strongly urged me to buy them and were so pleased later to see me wearing them!


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