Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Simple Spring decor

I'll be changing out the middle shelf on the hutch tomorrow so I decided to get some photos today.  I need to take down the maple sugaring items which I had left in place for our Nevada daughter's visit.  I'll just share photos and some very simple commentary.
 Jadeite, green and white, the family heirloom ironstone, Johnson Bros. plate and a felt "chocolate" bunny on wheels.
 Maple syrup tins and labels, a sap spile, molds for maple sugar candy, and a tiny jug of maple syrup.
A bunny on colorful vintage books, Fiesta ware cup and saucer, pretty pitcher and blue bird ...

 A closer look at the pretty teapot, a gift from my friend Terry

Faux daffodils on my tea-themed table runner
Here's a partial look at another runner I made as a gift.
 These spring-themed book page banners are at the windows.
Closer look at one of the flowers
I know the pictures are small; double click on them for a closer look.  Hope you've enjoyed this peek at our simple spring dining area!


  1. I did enjoy the peek. Your hutch is perfect for seasonal decor...loved the maple syrup season middle shelf. I put out my maple syrup pitcher for a while mayself because you influenced me. ☺

    We need to move on to warmer weather decor because we're not getting it in the natural...yet. Is this not the craziest spring?

  2. I love my hutch! There is actually another, larger hutch at my childhood home that I have got to find a home for. Just can't figure out where to put it in our house. This one is perfect for the space. I think one of my cousins may be interested in the large one. I hope so because it was locally made and I want it to have a good home.

    Your maple syrup pitcher ... now did I miss seeing that or have I somehow forgotten it. Refresh my memory ... is it a glass log cabin, maybe?

    You are so right; it is indeed the craziest spring. Cold and damp with the occasional warm day. The leaves will never fully open at this rate! But no black flies, so it's okay.

  3. It's a Patti Page jug from when she and her husband owned property and harvested sap from their many sugar maples. When the cap is removed, she sings. "You're sure to like New England fare." It's a fun item.


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