Friday, May 10, 2019

This week's Friday five

Here's a quick post with my Friday five:

1.   A variety of wildflowers coming into bloom.  I've seen trilliums (just the red kind; not the painted trillium like the one above -- though those will be coming soon), coltsfoot, dandelions, purple violets, dogtooth violets, and bloodroot so far.

2.  Getting out to walk five days this week.  Last week was rainy and busy and it just didn't happen.  This week has been much nicer for walking.

3.  Time to blog!  It's been a blessing to have found time to blog every day this week and to work on some older posts I've had in Drafts for awhile.

4.  Supper out with my hubby on Tuesday night.  We had gone to Lowe's to pick up a screen door for a friend, and on the way back Mr. T suggested stopping at The 104 Diner.  I got a tuna melt and he ordered a turkey and stuffing sandwich with cranberry mayo and we shared the sandwiches, which come with homemade potato chips.  (Photo is from their website.)
5.  Mackays Lemon Curd.  I love being able to find imported gourmet and specialty products at a favorite discount store.  I found this wonderful lemon curd from Scotland: Mackay’s Lemon Curd at Ocean State Job Lot for $3.99!  It is truly scrumptious.  On a waffle with blueberry sauce on top ... simply amazing!

And there you have this week's very simple Friday Five!


  1. I may have to head to Ocean State soon! That lemon curd sounds so tempting.

    That’s a wonderful mural at the diner. You folks got good, old-fashioned food there. The tuna melt sounds good, but ohhhh that other sandwich...🤗

    Glad that you have found time to follow fun pursuits...

    Another chilly, rainy day here so I may be following my own fun pursuits.

    1. I love Ocean State. Some junk, of course, but so many good buys. Our list of everyday items that we purchase there is growing -- toilet paper, soap, trash bags, and much more. Great prices and variety on tea and coffee also -- and of course the great selection of gourmet items like this lemon curd.

      That diner has a couple of murals and a lot of roadside memorabilia as well. It's a fun place to eat, convenient to get to and the food is reliably good. We love getting breakfast there too and it is served all day, so that's always an option. I love their meat loaf omelet.

      Hope you did have fun on that chilly rainy Friday ... I mostly did housework but I have got to get crafting back on the agenda!

  2. Your evening out sounds amazing. I would love to try the turkey stuffing sandwich. I am home made chips.YUM!

    1. It was indeed a nice supper out, Arlene. This is one of our go-to places when we are in the area. One can upgrade to sweet potato fries (or even onion rings, I think) for a small charge, but we like the homemade chips so well, and the portion is so generous, that we don't bother.

  3. Oh there's nothing like a good Diner!
    That painting on the wall is terrific!

    That lemon curd sounds wonderful and the price us great. I could eat lemon curd by the spoonfuls. :-)
    This is making me want a scone, I just may have to whip some up.

    Lovely posting~

    1. I agree, Debbie. Nothing like a good diner. Our favorite type of place to eat. The mural is great; they have several of them in the diner.

      I know, I could eat lemon curd by the spoonfuls too, but I don't. Whipping up some scones sounds like a fantastic idea!

      Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!


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