Wednesday, November 09, 2022

November 9 hodgepodge


It's Wednesday again, so time for the Hodgepodge -- the linkup where Joyce, at  From This Side of the Pond, asks the questions and bloggers provide the answers on their own blogs.  This week's questions mostly have to do with the number 9.   Here goes!

1. Last time you were 'dressed to the nines'? 

I'm not sure I have ever been dressed to the nines!   One memory that comes to mind is of a dress I once owned  similar to the lefthand view (View 1) below, only it had a straighter skirt.  It was purchased at an upscale dress shop, not homemade, and was a pale aqua wool.  I think I was around 15 at the time and I remember wearing it to a dressy event I attended with my parents.  I may even have worn gloves like the models in the pattern illustration!  That's probably as close as I have ever come to "dressed to the nines"!

2. Something recently that had you on 'cloud nine'? 

Hmmm ....  maybe our recent getaway up to the Great North Woods, which I have yet to really blog about, though I have posted a few photos.  It was a truly relaxing time and we just soaked up the beauty and tranquility of God's creation.

3. Tell us about a time, circumstance, experience, or decision you made where the saying 'a stitch in time saves nine' proved true. 

 Oh, there have been many of those times and it is always a huge blessing to see how God gives wisdom to think ahead and be proactive.  One recent time was when my hubby realized if we did not schedule our planned foliage trip on the Cannon Mountain Tramway for the very next day, we might not get to take the trip.  That was so wise!  Had we not scheduled that trip when we did, we would have been scrambling to fit it in on a day that might have not been the best weather-wise.  Or, even worse, we would now be kicking ourselves that we didn't go, and telling each other lamely that there's always next year.

4. A recipe you make that calls for exactly nine ingredients? 

I am going to say my favorite chili recipe: Easy Crockpot Chili -- it calls for 10 ingredients but one of them is water, which I believe is not counted when one is counting the number of ingredients in a recipe.   I'm shamelessly sharing this recipe again though I linked to it only a month ago.  It's that good, and I plan  on making it again for company on Friday.  

As I mentioned in that post about the get-together where I served this in early October, I do tweak this chili recipe in a major way as far as how it's put together.  I think it makes a huge difference.  So what I do differently is, while browning the hamburger, I also brown the chopped onion and all of the spices along with it.  I really think that doing this adds a very measurable depth of flavor to the chili.  Sometimes I use ground turkey instead of beef, but with the spices cooked with the meat like this, one would never know it was turkey.  Even though this is a super simple recipe, I usually get many comments about how good it is.  I also cut WAY back on the meat in this recipe, using a pound or less rather than the 3 pounds called for.  I often add an extra can of beans too -- usually kidney beans.  

Spice rack made by my wonderful hubby
5. This coming Friday is Veterans Day in the US of A. Will you mark the day in some way? Are you a veteran? If you live outside the US does your country have a day dedicated to celebrating veterans? 

I am not a veteran (but my dad was a veteran of World War 11) and there is not much for celebrating Veterans Day here in our rural area.   We do have friends coming to spend the day with us at our little camp, so that will be a special way to mark the day.  It might be a nice thing to go and visit his grave on Friday if it's not raining.  The cemetery is only a few minutes from our camp.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I've been adding lots of things to my Etsy shop (link in sidebar) in the past week.  Mostly sewing patterns and Christmas cards, but one item I recently added is the book below.  Illustrations are by the inimitable artist Marjorie Cooper, who is well loved for her greeting card designs.

I've also sold a couple books in the past week.  A good reminder to me that I have dozens more to list.

And this week's hodgepodge is a wrap!   Why not go see Joyce at  From This Side of the Pond and snag the questions to answer on your own blog?


  1. That was my response, too. I have n.e.v.e.r. been dressed to the nines, even on my wedding day. ๐Ÿ˜

    Your outfit sure sounds and looks stylish.

    I try to visit my dad's grave to see if the flag has been placed. Maybe my sister would like to do that with me today.

    Diversions are needed after yesterday. I see that NH did well. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  2. Lovely pictures! I think this has been the prettiest fall we've had in a long time. We're supposed to get a lot of rain this weekend so I imagine most of the leaves left will finally come down. I have so enjoyed all the beauty this year.

  3. I need to try your chili recipe - it sounds really good and I love cumin!

  4. Yes, she did want to go check on the graves...that was nice and the flag had been placed for Veterans Day.

  5. The picture of the foliage trip is beautiful and I am sure seeing it in person is more beautiful.

  6. I guess if you count being dressed to the nines for a prom or homecoming, I did do that, long white gloves, formal gown, etc. But that was many moons ago. I recently attended a tea and had to dress in old fashioned garb with a large hat, and I did wear gloves. It was fun. Your chili recipe sounds a lot like what I make, although I have started using pinto beans instead of kidney. They seem to digest better, which has become an "issue" for me, and I really am having to avoid a lot of tomato sauce type dishes these days, which makes me sad. Your fall photos are so lovely. We don't do anything special here for Veteran's Day. Our church recognizes our veterans on the Sunday before and we also sang "the Battle Hymn of the Republic", which I love. But I am sure the local VFW's, etc., will be doing special things tomorrow to honor the vets. I am not aware of any parades or anything like that. Of course, we just barely got over another hurricane/tropical storm, so things are kind of crazy. Hope you have a blessed and wonderful weekend.


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