Monday, May 01, 2023

Happy Homemaker Monday


I'm trying again for another  Happy Homemaker Monday with Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The Weather:::

It's pouring rain.  We had heavy rain all night, giving rise (pun not intended) to flood warnings for area rivers.  Yesterday was dreary and showery, with an occasional hint of sun.  Today is predicted to be "mostly cloudy", but we will see.

As I look outside my window:::

The windows are running with raindrops and the screens are still coated with raindrops from last night.  Things are quite muddy still, especially after our recent rainfall.  Trees are beginning to leaf out, but are a long way from fully leafed out.  Those trees that produce catkins still have them in place.  My forsythia is continuing to bloom brightly.  My two small primrose plants came back and are doing well.  Chives are up 6-8 inches and are very usable.  
That yellow blur is the forsythia bush.  Near the center of the photo (follow over from the forsythia) is a wooden tub with greenery sprouting out.  Those are the chives.  I've already used some in a salad.
Right now I am:::
Trying to accomplish as much as possible on a rainy day before heading out to my dental appointment at 2 pm.

Thinking and pondering:::

On spiritual growth and maturity.   Not optional for believers.  Our pastor continued the series on this yesterday.  I'm continuing to ponder two of the Greek words translated mature or maturity and how one has to do with progress and the other with process.  Our former pastor's teaching that if a believer isn't moving forward, he's moving backward, also comes into play here.  There is no standing still in the Christian life.

On my bedside table:::
Two books, a pen, vial of Deep Relief essential oil, a jar of lavender infused olive oil.  It also occurred to me this morning that the bottom of my nightstand contains a couple other things; a tube of lotion and a stack of perhaps a half-dozen books waiting to be read.

On my tv this week:::

Nothing this week.
Dear friends gave me these primrose plants for Mother's Day 2021.  So thankful they continue to come back each spring!

 Listening to::: 

The dripping eaves and falling rain.

On the Breakfast plate:::

I do intermittent fasting so don't have breakfast.  Lunch will likely be a salad with tiny cubes of meat & cheese.

 On the dinner plate::: 
Not sure yet.  Maybe chili or some kind of soup.
On the menu for this week::: 

I usually plan my menus from Thursday to Thursday, and grocery shop on Friday morning.  A few meals on my menu plan:

 Fish chowder
Egg roll in a bowl
Chicken with artichokes and broccoli
Pork loin
Hot ham and potato salad
On my reading pile:::
Stories that Bind Us by Susie Finkbeiner
We Travel an Appointed Way by A.W. Tozer

On my to do list today:::
 Dental appointment
Finish two blog posts
Prep and send Etsy order
Empty wastebaskets

Plans for this week:::

 Two dental appointments
Plan menus and make grocery list
List some notions, patterns, cards, and kids' books on Etsy
Dusting in the bedroom
Declutter a large bookcase in the upstairs hallway
Write blog posts
Work on my Sunday School lesson
Spend time at my volunteer job
What I am creating:::

January cross-stitch sampler
Start some pillow quilts for youngest granddaughters
Embroidered dish towel
I'm tickled that I thought of adding this sweet springtime crewel piece to a shelf on my spring-decorated hutch!  I stitched it for a relative years ago and ended up getting it back.  Perfect time and place to display it!

Bible verse, Devotional, Quote:::
I've just begun the study of Loving God with All Your Mind with my ladies' Sunday School class, and to me it is astounding (but knowing God, not surprising) the difference this is already making in women's lives.  The verse to focus on for the first few chapters is Philippians 4:8: "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, or if there be any praise, think on these things."  We're focusing on thinking on whatever is true and real.  I'd like to share the following quote from author Elizabeth George in chapter 2: 

"When you think on God's Word, on what is true and real about yourself and your circumstances, God uses His truth to break the cycle of destructive thinking that leads to discouragement, despair, doubts, and depression.  However real the pain, the hurts, and the disappointments of your life are, you must remember the greater reality of God's love, power, and redemption.  This brings God's comfort, healing and hope to your heart and soul."
On my prayer list:::
Friends & family
Church family
Our country
And there is the Happy Homemaker Monday for this week!


  1. Looks like we are having the same kinde of weather today. What a lovely spring stitch piece you have. Have a great week

  2. Our worlds look very similar. Are you, as I am, expecting a rainy week? Still, the sun just peeked out and the sky is very blue with a lot of cumulus clouds.

    I like your spring hutch and the crewel piece that returned to you. I have to think about putting out some spring.

    Have a good week...

    1. It seems as though our weather is often very similar, even though we're in two different states! Love the blue of the sky this time of year. 💙

      Yes, I always liked that vessel design with its apple blossoms. So thankful that I got it back and that I remembered to display it! 🌺🌿

  3. That primrose is gorgeous! My mom always loved forsythia, always think of her when I seeing it blooming. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Your primroses are beautiful and I would love that egg roll in a bowl recipe! Have a beautiful week!

  5. I enjoyed your rainy day post. I can almost hear the raindrops falling on the windows and roof. We had quite a rainy night Saturday night into Sunday morning. It was rather stormy, but then the sun came out just in time for everyone to get to church on time! Praise God! Oh, Phil. 4:8...we studied that verse in our Adult Sunday School class this Sunday! We had an excellent discussion on what that verse really means to each of us...and it was very enlightening. Your spring hutch is lovely. I love the green dishes along with the other pretty ones and the crewel picture is so sweet. Sounds like you have a lot on your to do list. Take care and enjoy the spring rain and the beautiful little primroses! I don't think I've ever seen them quite like that before. So dainty and sweet. Happy May Day too! God bless you always.


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