Wednesday, May 03, 2023

I *may* write a Hodgepodge post


 Yep, it's Wednesday again, so it's time for the Hodgepodge -- the linkup where Joyce, at  From This Side of the Pond, asks the questions and bloggers provide the answers on their own blogs.  This week's Hodgepodge questions all relate to May in some way.   Here goes:

 1. What's something you 'may' do this month? 

I may completely finish up my trust responsibilities.  I'm very close to being done.  What a relief that will be! 

I do trust Jesus every day, but this sweet graphic by Abby reminds me how I have had to trust Him fully through every step of this trust responsibility.  None of it came naturally to me,  and it was all outside my comfort zone, but God provided as I trusted in Him.

2. "All things seem possible in May" ~ Edwin Way Teale. Do you agree? Elaborate. If not May, then in which month if any would you say all things seem possible? 

I agree that May is a hopeful month in which folks may be optimistic about things to come -- especially things in the garden.  But then again, here in our part of New England, folks do not plant before May 30, knowing that frost is also still possible in May.  A good number of graduations and weddings take place in May, and surely all things seem possible to those commencing a career or a marriage.  

But to me September is more of a month when all things seem possible.  New beginnings with the start of a school year.   There are no black flies.  The weather has cooled, but it's still warm enough to swim, picnic, enjoy ice cream, etc.  No danger of frost likely until October, so it's still possible to harvest garden produce and still hope for more.  The crisp, wonderful air of fall and balmy September days invigorate me to new projects and progress.  Like May, only better. 

3. April showers bring May this true where you live? What's your favorite color of the rainbow? Your favorite May bloom? Do you enjoy visiting gardens? What's a 'famous' garden you'd like to visit? 

Right now we are experiencing May showers. Torrential rain off and on for the past few days.  I haven't seen any rainbows, but my favorite color of the rainbow might be violet.  

There are a few things blooming -- forsythia, daffodils, and wildflowers like bloodroot, violets, and trilliums.  My favorite May bloom might be pink lady's slipper ... or it might be lilacs.

I do enjoy visiting gardens.  One in our state I would like to visit and never have been to is the Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park.  I've heard it is lovely.

4. Are you a fan of the Star Wars series of films? If so how many have you seen? (I think there are 12) Are you a fan of the sci-fi genre in general, in either books or movies? What's your favorite sci-fi book or movie? 

I think I have seen three of these films.  I'm really not a huge fan (though some of my family members are) though there are things about the ones I've seen that I enjoy, there's probably more that I don't care for or that just doesn't interest me.

I'm just not really into sci-fi at all.

5. Cinco de Mayo lands on Friday of this you enjoy Mexican food? How often? Do you eat out or make your own? Your favorite thing to order in a Mexican restaurant? Have you ever been to Mexico?

We do enjoy Mexican food and I most often make my own.  How often?  Oh, I don't know.  Perhaps every month or two.  We enjoy eating in Mexican restaurants and at a favorite taco truck located at an Hispanic grocery store in Nevada.  In a Mexican restaurant I am apt to order some type of combination platter so I can try more than one thing.  I've never been to Mexico.

The Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Salad below is amazing!  I've made it numerous times and we just love it.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Have you tried the Bigelow Botanicals Cold Water Infusions?  I've tried every flavor and enjoy them all.  My current favorite is probably the Watermelon Cucumber Mint, but they are all good.

And that is the Hodgepodge for this week!


  1. I think May is for me all the things you mentioned in September. In September, I am wearing out on the heat and wondering when it will end:) I love seeing all the photos of the country though because of this very thing. Late winter and early spring here were all over the place with the weather.

  2. I love a taco salad!

  3. Thank you for the slow cooker recipe and the Bigelow cold water infusions mention. I am so happy for you that your estate responsibilities are coming to an end. Woot! I agree that our New England weather seems to be about a month behind. I also liked the conversation about September.

    1. Hope you enjoy the recipe and infusions if you try them, Vee. We really enjoy that I taco salad, and I have one of those infusions going all day long!

      Yes, all I have left t do on the trust is to pay myself. What a relief!

      Glad you enjoyed the chatter about September. Some of Joyce's questions sure do make a gal think!

  4. Love the illustration and quote about Trust. Now I'm singing Trust and Obey in my head. Also Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm with you about Fall being the more productive time of year...

  5. Good points about September being an excellent month for new beginnings as well as May. It's been interesting seeing everyone's thoughts on that question! Happy Hodgepodge!

  6. I've not tried the infusions but the sound nice for the summertime. September is my favorite month for many of the reasons you listed. Also, my birthday lol. Have a great day!

  7. Thank you for sharing the 'how to' on your taco salad. It's a toss-up how much I love them OR my slow cooker so this is the best of both worlds.

  8. I enjoyed all. your answers. I love the scent of lilacs.

  9. Hmmm... I might just have to try some of those infusions. I like your thoughts on May. The saying April showers bring May flowers is definitely true in my part of Indiana.


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