Thursday, August 24, 2006

Persevering in prayer

Recently I’ve been working on preparing a “make-your-own-prayer-journal kit” for a going-away gift for a dear friend. She’s a relatively new believer and has peeked into my prayer journal a few times. She would love to have her own journal, so I thought such a kit might be a good idea as a gift. I’m including a decorated binder, card stock and paper cut to size, stickers, a hole punch, index tabs, a marker, a glue stick, etc., plus detailed instructions. I added a few of the verses and quotes I have on the covers of my own prayer journal to the cover of hers.

One of these is a verse of a poem... the last verse, as it turns out. The other day in preparing for my Sunday School lesson, I came across the entire poem (I think, anyway). I had jotted it down on a blank page in BECOMING A WOMAN OF PRAYER, by Cynthia Heald, when I did that study. The poem was such a good reminder to me of the importance of persevering in prayer. Here it is:

For years I’ve prayed, and yet I see no change.
The mountain stands exactly where it stood;
The shadows that it casts are just as deep;
The pathway to the summit e’en more steep.
Shall I pray on?

Shall I pray on with ne’er a hopeful sign?
Not only does the mountain still remain,
But, while I watch to see it disappear,
Becomes the more appalling year by year.
Shall I pray on?

I shall pray on. Though distant as it seems,
The answer may be almost at my door,
Or just around the corner on its way,
But whether near or far, yes, I shall pray --
I shall pray on.

-- Edith Mapes

Perhaps this poem will be an encouragement to someone else today.


  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    What a lovely gift idea! I am wondering if you would be willing to share your directions on how to build this prayer journal if that is okay?

    You have a lot of wonderful ideas - I so appreciate being able to learn from other mature and wise women of God. Although I have a lovely mother, I grew up without any of this guidance and direction in my life and I am still learning in my 40's. Thank you.

    Sincerely, L

  2. Good morning, L!

    I would be happy to share my directions for building the prayer journal. I had been thinking of doing a post about my prayer journal, anyway. I am not sure if I can get it posted today, but will try to do so very soon.

    Thank you for your sweet comments. I continue to be amazed that the internet can be used as a tool to teach "good things" to younger women as we are instructed to do in Titus.

    It is wonderful that you are still learning in your 40's... Christian growth is an ongoing process and we will keep learning as long as we live. I came to know the Lord at age 20 and -- although I tried -- I was probably close to 30 before I really began to grow. I grew at a slow, but steady rate for quite a few years. Then, in my early 40's, my last child went away to boarding school. At that point I decided that I could either sit around feeling sorry for myself, or I could use the extra time in Bible study and attempt some serious growth. That's what I chose to do, and it has been so exciting to watch God work in my life. I continue to be overwhelmed that He would choose to use me to encourage other women.

    One thing you might not have thought about (or maybe you have) -- each of us, as a Christian woman, is an "older woman" to someone in our lives. There is probably someone in your life right now whom you can encourage in the faith.

    Have a great day! I'll try and get that prayer journal info posted very soon.

    God bless,


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