Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A few more thoughts...

I found these two quotes in Streams in the Desert this morning. What a blessing! The older I grow spiritually, the more I learn the importance of trusting God's timing, which is always perfect.

"This is God's way. In the darkest hours of the night, His tread draws near across the billows. As the day of execution is breaking, the angel comes to Peter's cell.
...Ah, soul, it may have to come to the worst with thee ere thou art delivered; but thou wilt be delivered! God may keep thee waiting, but He will ever be mindful of His covenant, and will appear to fulfill His inviolable Word." ~ F.B. Meyer

"There's a simplicity about God in working out His plans, yet a resourcefulness equal to any difficulty, and an unswerving faithfulness to His trusting child, and an unforgetting steadiness in holding to His purpose... It's safe to trust God's methods and to go by His clock." ~ S.D. Gordon

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