Saturday, June 23, 2012

A berry sweet morning!

This morning Mr. T and I were discussing what we needed to accomplish with our Saturday.  We each had certain tasks we hoped to accomplish before day's end.  We also talked about doing something totally unnecessary, but fun -- going strawberry picking together.  We seldom do this sort of thing together, although at the start of summer we often say we would like to.  The season goes by without us having done the activities we talked about.

So today we decided to go for it!  We drove to a U-pick strawberry field in Vermont (a lovely drive in itself) and spent less than an hour picking berries.  We ended up with nearly twenty pounds of beautiful red jewels!
Mr. T said we must get at least 10 pounds; the price per pound was cheaper that way.  He guessed we might have 14; I thought more like 20.
A closer look

The biggest berry
My wonderful hubby began hulling and washing these right after lunch.
Half of the berries are now in the freezer becoming individually quick frozen.
Don't they look delicious?  Hope you've enjoyed this peek at the results of our berry sweet morning!  (We went out for ice cream, too!)


  1. We just picked up a flat of these berries this morning! I slice them up and put them into my oat meal in the mornings! Love the berry season! Happy and blessed Saturday to you! =O)

  2. Those berries look fabulous! I'm a little jealous because our season is already over :-/ I picked about 14 pounds earlier (I think you saw my jam making post). Most of that jam is gone already so I really wish I had picked more! :-) I'm sure you guys have a lot of good eating ahead of you!

  3. Hi ladies!

    Christine -- I never thought of putting strawberries into oatmeal. What a great idea. I will have to try that as I have oatmeal nearly every morning.

    Mary Ann -- yes, I do remember your jam making post! I think it's pretty impressive that you picked 14 pounds of berries all by yourself. I hope to go strawberry picking again, with Carrie and her kiddos, later in the week, weather permitting. If so I will probably just pick a few more for us and then help her fill her containers. I don't think I will get into making jam!

  4. YUM!!! My mouth is watering as I catch up on your blog :). How sweet that you and your hubby got to go together!
    I might try the recipe a couple posts up while my hubby is working out of town. He is not a huge strawberry fan so it would be a good time to try it.
    Looks like you are having a wonderful and productive summer :). I love the picture with the words "God is faithful".

  5. Thanks, 1HappyWife! I am so glad you stopped by my kitchen table today. We froze lots of strawberries and I made strawberry shortcake with the last of them. Found a good recipe for gluten free strawberry shortcake biscuits. My daughter Joanna is going to send me a link for the sponge type ones. Her oldest is allergic to wheat and she tried this recipe and liked it. Said it was easy -- made in muffin tins.

    Hope you enjoy the recipe if you try it. Glad you like the picture. That is Squam Lake as seen from the top of Rattlesnake Mountain. A beautiful view.

    Yes, our summer has been fun and fairly productive so far, though there is much more we would like to accomplish, Lord willing!


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