Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flora & fauna

Just a few pictures of recent happenings in our woods.  I won't take time for a lot of commentary (because I don't have time) but wanted to show these pictures anyway.
Lady's Slipper

And another
Yet another -- you can see a couple more in the background

Some were in groups like this

Another group -- I think there are at least five here.
A bunch more; I think we counted at least thirty of them, all told.
 We have the lady's slippers in our woods each year and enjoy them so much.  They don't last long (and lasted even less time this year due to so much rain).  So much for the flora -- although I hope to share more varieties later this week -- now, on to the fauna.

Mr. T built a tree house for the grandkids earlier this spring.  I want to share photos of the building of that and the kids enjoying it, but that will have to wait for another day when I have more time.  The tree house has two screened windows, a glass picture window (recycled from our living room) and a screen door.  The house is not built IN a tree or trees, but AROUND two trees, which may account for what happened.

On Saturday my granddaughters went out to the tree house and reported that there were 10 luna moths out there!  TEN!  I have always thought it was a fortunate occurrence to be able to see one luna moth.  Mr. T went out and yes, there were seven of them inside the tree house and three on the outside of the picture window.  We are guessing that the moths hatched in one of the trees and found their way down into the tree house that way -- or maybe even were driven down there by heavy rain.  Mr. T decided that if they were still there on Sunday, he would move them, as he had a feeling they could not find their way out.  The three on the outside had gone, but seven were still inside.  He got some pictures while he was out there.
One luna moth


Yet another -- it was not possible to get them all in one picture.

There are two of them here.  These were the weakest.  When he released them outside, the others flew away but these two went straight to the ground.  At last report, one of these had flown but the other evidently went back in the tree house somehow.

On the ground

Yet another

This one was on the screen.  You can see our house in the distance through the woods.

Last one
Hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into June in our woods!


  1. That is so neat to see so many of those amazing moths in one spot. :) I am honestly not a huge fan of moths but those just fascinate me. Recently we found one at my husbands work place and my kids played with it for a long time. It kept coming back to them as if it enjoyed the attention. It was a neat experience for them and me too I guess. :) I doubt they will ever forget that moth who made their waiting more enjoyable. :) How neat that your husband built a tree house for the grandkids. Grandpa's are so good like that.

  2. How interesting!! We do not have lady slippers in our neck of the woods...or luna moths. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi ladies!

    Nikki -- it was so neat to read about your kids' encounter with the luna moth. Jim & Carrie had one at their house too but it was in a tub of water when they found it and I think it didn't make it. Carrie did some reading up on them and read that they only live for one week! I didn't know that about them.

    Arlene -- I am glad we could give you a glimpse of some unfamiliar flowers and moths. Both of these surely do testify to the wisdom and creativity of a Great Creator, don't they?

    Nice to see you both here at my kitchen table. Have a great rest of the week!


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