Friday, June 15, 2012

Little needlework basket -- a great gift for kids!

I found this idea through Tip Junkie and had so much fun with it!  My two youngest granddaughters (who recently turned four and six) are enjoying the contents of their needlework baskets.  I found the idea for a toddler sewing basket here:  Toddler Sewing Basket and here:
Further Adventures with a Toddler Sewing Basket and adapted the idea to use for a slightly older child.
Some of the items in Emily's basket.  Scissors, yarn needles, hoops, a crocheted pin cushion.  I also got a spool knitter and some yarn for each girl.
 It was a bit difficult trying to think how I would send an actual large sewing basket to Nevada.  Postage is expensive and the best we do is to use flat rate priority mail boxes.  But none of them were the right size to hold a basket or other large container.  We ended up sending a collapsible fabric bin from the dollar store with instructions to her mom to maybe find an appropriate basket at a thrift store.  But they are using the bin for now.

Julia's pin cushion
I made pin cushions so they could have a safe place to store their yarn needles.  I found this flower shaped pin cushion pattern on line.
The original blog post suggested plastic shelf liner for cross stitching on.  I was uncertain as to how it would work, but it works wonderfully well!  I stitched a sample for each girl's basket and then added roll of shelf liner  for her to use.

I included some simple cross stitch charts, too.
I found printable sewing cards on line and printed them out on cardstock (some of which I printed out myself using free printable scrapbooking papers).  These were a big hit with Emily and her older brother too.

I was so pleased to find this container for Julia's basket at Ocean State Job Lot, of all places.

A view of the contents
I love the thought that these little girls are already developing a love of needlework and even a few beginner needlework skills.  Perhaps this would be a fun idea for a child in your life, too!


  1. A really nice gift for your sweet granddaughter! I am hoping to pass on my love of crafting to both my granddaughters.

  2. That was such a great idea for little girls.

  3. What a wonderful gift! It looks so thrilling! I keep looking at your crocheted pin cushion--oh how I want to learn to crochet! Is that something you can teach yourself?

  4. Thanks, ladies, for stopping by to see the needlework baskets. I had made sewing boxes for my older two granddaughters a couple of years ago (they are now 9 and 11) and they are still enjoying them. I was tickled to find this idea for younger girls and had so much fun putting them together.

    Mrs. Smith, I tried teaching myself to crochet many years ago but just could not get it. My hubby had learned to crochet (and knit) during a childhood illness, so he remembered how it was done and he is actually the one who taught me. (I can't knit and really have no interest in learning, but I do love to crochet.) It is really very easy and I'm sure you could probably find some good instructions for teaching yourself online. Do you have friends or family members who crochet? If so, maybe one of them could help you out. Let me know if you try it and how it goes!

  5. What a great idea! Your Granddaughters must have loved them :). Yours came out beautiful. Thanks for the links too... bookmarked for future :).

  6. Mrs. T, I am hoping that I can find someone to teach me. If so, I'll let you know. That is amusing and wonderful that your hubby taught you! :D I have been asking around and my father-in-law learned how as a child too, when he had a broken leg. Wish that he still remembered how!

  7. Ladies, thanks for visiting!

    1HappyWife, I imagine your little Ruthie would enjoy one of these!

    Mrs. Smith, sure hope you can find someone to teach you to crochet. When I started, I remember saying, "I can't believe people actually do this to relax!" I found it very stressful. But once you get comfortable with it, crocheting can be very relaxing. (Notice I said "can be"! It can also be stressful if the pattern is difficult or poorly written.) These pincushions, as you might guess, are extremely easy. Hope you can find a way to learn!

  8. Thanks, Mrs. T. I hope that I can too. Good to have the heads-up that it may not always be relaxing. Me and any kind of sewing project is not likely to be! ;)


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