Monday, September 16, 2013

Where did it go?

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 My week, that is.  Time flies, I know.  But where did it go?

An untimely interruption of my slumber Saturday night (due to a barking dog at 3 a.m.) had me pondering that question as I drifted back to sleep.  Just where had the preceding week gone?

I decided to try and answer that question as best I could for any who may have been wondering why I didn't post after Monday. ... and also for my own information.  Here's some of what's been going on:

1) Getting up later.  As I think about it, I realize this is where some of my time went.  Mr. T was working 1.5 hours away and so, for months, we've been getting up at 4:15-4:30 a.m. every weekday.  Now he is working 15 minutes away and so I've been getting up at 5:30 a.m.  -- and so, there is where 5 hours of my week have gone.  But the extra sleep has really been helping me feel less tired, so I guess it's a trade-off.

2) Time with the Lord.  I try and spend a good bit of time in prayer,  Bible reading (and journaling about what I read)  each morning.  In addition, as I've shared before, I try to do at least one other spiritual growth-producing activity each day -- be it memorizing Scripture, working on a Bible study, reading a chapter of a helpful book, or making pages for my Scripture based notebook of verses that help me get to know God better.  I vary the activity with how busy my day is otherwise.  If I have a day at home I will work on a Bible study.  If it's a day when I'm out of the house a lot, I will read a chapter in my current book or make a page for my notebook, etc. 
Graphic by Little Birdie Blessings
3)  Preparing Sunday School lessons.  For many years I taught children's Sunday School classes and loved it.  I would work on my lessons throughout the week, studying and meditating on the Scripture, planning learning activities, making visuals and posters, doing seasonal bulletin boards.  It all took lots of time.  But it pales in comparison with preparing to teach ladies, which I have been doing now for probably eight or nine years.  Again, I love it and feel sure that's what God has called me to do, but oh, the time it takes!
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4)  Errands for others.  Part of the responsibility we take on when we begin helping our aging parents is to help them with chores and errands.  In my case that includes cleaning, some cooking, bill-paying, grocery shopping (as well as making a grocery list), making sure my dad remembers to and gets to appointments,  and other errands too numerous to mention.
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I'm not complaining; it's just reality and part of what God has for me right now, and I'm happy to do it.  But it does take time and it can be exhausting.  This past week I spent a lot more time in the car than I like to.

5)  Planning and scheduling.  Planning each week as best I can, making a daily schedule, planning menus ... it all takes time.  But it is far more than just busy work.
If I didn't make an attempt to make sense out of my day, to take note of what needs to be done in each week and to try and do it in the most efficient time frame, I would accomplish far less than I do.

6)  Creating.  I've said before that I seem to need to do something creative every day, whether it be cooking, writing, crafting, or just finding a creative way to teach something or a creative solution to a problem.  This week I finished 2 creative projects -- a personalized cookbook
 and a small framed cross-stitch wall hanging.

  Both of these are for gifts.

7)  Maintaining.  That's all I seem able to do right now.  Maintaining my weight and my current level of fitness.  Maintaining the current level of neatness in the public areas of the house.
Maintaining enough food in the pantry and on the table.  Maintaining enough clean clothes for our needs.  Oh, what a struggle it is trying to keep my hubby's work clothes even somewhat clean.

8)  Thinking.  There's lots to think about -- goals for the future.
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Household projects, homemaking necessities, plans for an October getaway and a couple's retreat and, Lord willing, a trip to Nevada in the spring, Christmas gifts to make and purchase, seasonal decorating projects, future Bible studies, writing projects, blog posts, and so on.  I have more ideas than I can ever possibly act on, but if you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time, right?

The activities in these categories seem to sum up where the week has gone.  In the coming week, which I will post goals for later, I hope to accomplish much more.
This gorgeous graphic is by Little Birdie Blessings.  I find it very meaningful that she used forget-me-nots in this graphic.  Never, ever forget that God will give us "strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow.  Truly, His faithfulness is great!
I love what Elizabeth George wrote in A Woman After God's Own Heart:   "God’s mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness is great!  So every morning remember that your goal is simple: you want to have just one good day of living your priorities.  Then keep focused on following God’s plan for your life for just this one day.  For just one day, try putting first things first.”  By God's grace, I intend to do just that today and every day this week!


  1. Sometimes just maintaining is all I can do as well Mrs T. But at least we are not sliding down a slippery slope.:)

  2. So true, Arlene! That makes me feel better about just maintaining. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  3. Hi Mrs. T. The strength for today graphic is one of my favorites. So happy to see that you've used it. ~ Abby

  4. Hi Abby!

    This graphic is one of my favorites as well. Thank you for making it available!! As I mentioned in the caption, I find it so meaningful that you used forget-me-nots in this graphic, as we must never forget that God is our strength!


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