Monday, April 25, 2022

One New Thing ....


 I alluded to this One New Thing in last week's Hodgepodge post.   When Market Basket  came to our town in 2020,  it was a good thing we'd been hoping for, for a long time.  Great prices.  I also knew, having shopped in other Market Basket locations, that they offered reduced prices on ground beef.  They freeze it when it gets close to the expiration date and one buys it frozen.

What I didn't know is that they also offer reduced prices on bakery items, deli meat ends, and even produce!   Only recently have I found the areas where these items are located.

I've found some good buys on reduced price bread and rolls.  In the deli meat ends, I've found turkey and ham that can then be sliced to use in sandwiches or cubed to use in casseroles,  egg dishes, etc.

But the produce section is where I've found the very best deals, like a bag of 4 avocados for 99¢, a bag of vine ripened tomatoes for $1.  And my very best deal so far has been a bag of 6 or 7 Minneolas for $1.45! 

 To be honest, when I picked them up, I thought they were oranges.  I knew navel oranges were running 99¢ apiece, so this seemed like a really great deal.  Was it ever! 😊

These were the absolute best oranges I have ever tasted!   Easy to peel, no seeds, and so flavorful!   So I set out to learn a little more about Minneolas.  Here's what I found; info from Tricia Christensen.

"The Minneola tangelo is a specific hybrid citrus fruit that is made by crossing the Duncan or Bowen grapefruit and the “Darcy” variety of tangerine, also called a mandarin orange. The cross was developed by the United States Department of Agriculture, in Florida, and was first released for sale in 1931. The fruit combines the sweetness of the mandarin with the tart flavors of the grapefruit, and it is highly prized for its juiciness and combination of sweet/sour flavors."

I found the information from Tricia Christensen here:  What is a Minneola Tangelo?

 And here's more:  "As tangelos go, the Minneola tends to be pretty large and is usually bell or pear-shaped. Diameter of the fruit averages about 3 inches (7.62 cm), though some can grow a bit larger. The peel is somewhat thin, but like most tangelos and mandarin oranges, it is pretty easy to peel. Many people like the fact that the fruit doesn’t have very many seeds, usually about ten on average, so they’re easy to avoid.". 

The ones I sampled had no seeds at all!

So there is my most recent one new thing!  Have you ever tasted a Minneola?  Does your supermarket offer reduced produce?


  1. Alas, no reduced prices here. Yes, I have had Minneolas and they certainly are delicious. Right now, I am enjoying the little Cuties because the serving size is best for me. I am very glad that you have a Garden Market. My daughter and I were just discussing all the businesses we would like to have in our corner. We haven't had a new one for years.

    1. We like the Cuties also and pretty much always have a bag of them in the fridge. Yes, so happy Market Basket finally came to our town!

  2. I may have to try the Minneolas. I just figured they were another kind of tangelo, which I guess they are! Living here in Florida you would think we have access to all of the good citrus fruit, but not so much anymore as most groves have moved further and further south, and we can only get what they put in the grocery stores. I miss the fruit stands we used to have. Anyway, our little town grocery store probably does sell some reduced fruit, but it's usually in such advanced stages that I don't want it. I've never seen the other items like deli meats, etc. at reduced rates. We don't have "Market Basket" here in Florida that I'm aware of. I did visit one in Biddeford Maine when we went up to visit our family there. My daughter in law's mother works there. It's a nice store...BIG!! We have several different kinds of grocery stores in the area, but none that large. I hope you have a wonderful week. Now I wish I had a "minneola". LOL.

  3. I've never tried them. If I see them, I'll give them a try!

  4. We have tried Minneolas and they are delicious. I tend to like any citrus fruits. I don't tend to buy the reduced produce (although after this post I'm going to be checking it out a bit more) but I do love the reduced shelves at our Market Basket for pantry items (often find dented pasta boxes and canned tomatoes/sauce for great prices), reduced rotisserie chickens (marked as cold chicken parts) and the reduced bakery racks where I often find specialty breads for under $2/loaf.

  5. Thanks for the tip on the reduced price pantry items. I didn't even know about those, but this week I made a point of looking. Got a large jar of Teddie natural peanut butter for only $1.99!


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