Friday, November 03, 2006

My Favorite Cleaning Supplies

My Favorite Cleaning Supplies

Oh, I really like this idea, so I am going to join in and share my favorites for cleaning supplies. Thanks to Susan Godfrey for the idea.

For Windows (and also shining sinks/faucets): WINDEX in the Mountain Berry scent. For years I just used the generic store brand window cleaner and thought it was good enough. Then I noticed I could often find $1 off coupons on Windex. I bought some Mountain Berry Windex and loved it. Now that's all I buy, and I always use a $1 off coupon. It does a good job and makes the room smell nice at the same time. I've tried the Windex wipes but haven't found them as satisfactory.

For Laundry: PUREX. It's cheap and does a good job.

For Fabric Softener: WHITE VINEGAR in the rinse water. (Just put it in the fabric softener dispenser.)

For Spots & Stains on Laundry: ZOUT.

For Dusting: Either PLEDGE LEMON WIPES or PLEDGE GRAB-IT DRY CLOTHS in the Orange scent. I find that in some areas the dry cloths work better than the wipes.

For Floors: For simple everyday mopping, as in the bathroom or entryway, I use GENERIC WET FLOOR WIPES that fit my swiffer. The generics do a fine job. For my kitchen floor, which unfortunately is not a no-wax one, I use MOP & GLO Triple Action. For doing a serious cleaning job on bathroom floors, I use GREASED LIGHTNING in water. For wood floors (living room and master bedroom) I use MURPHY OIL SOAP in water.

For Tub/Shower: TILEX FRESH SHOWER daily shower cleaner. A daily cleaner is a must with our hard water. For scrubbing tub/shower once a month, I use GREASED LIGHTNING.

For any ingrained dirt: MR. CLEAN MAGIC ERASER.

For scrubbing sinks: BARKEEPER'S FRIEND.

For a general-purpose spray cleaner: LYSOL ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER in the Lemon scent.

For quick cleanups and swiping down my bathrooms each day: Either LYSOL or CLOROX DISINFECTING WIPES.

For dishes: AJAX dish detergent in the Ruby Red Grapefruit scent. For scrubbing pots and pans, SCOTCH-BRITE CAMPWARE COMPANIONS.

For toilets (which I swish each day): LYSOL TOILET BOWL CLEANER WITH BLEACH.

Whew! That's quite a list! I've worked cleaning houses, and also clean our church quite frequently, so have some pretty definite ideas of what products I prefer. Hope this list may be helpful to others. Thanks to Susan for suggesting this.

By the way, has anyone but me ever noticed that the product names on most cleaning products (not all) are printed with an upward slant? I'm not sure if it is supposed to make us feel positive about cleaning, or if it's supposed to point to the effectiveness of the product, but I'm quite sure it's not a coincidence!


  1. When you do your daily 'swish and swipe' in the bathroom do you use paper towels? I hate to use so many paper towels because even the cheap ones add up but I am thinking that using anything else would cross contaminate.

    Any ideas?

  2. What I use is a disinfecting wipe -- either the Clorox or the Lysol ones, depending what is cheaper. I get them in the large tubs. I do the sink and countertop first, and then the toilet surfaces and the floor around the toilet if it needs it. I usually use just one wipe per "swish & swipe" session. One is usually enough if you do it every day.

    I agree, a cloth or sponge would cross-contaminate. Some would view the disposable wipes as a luxury, but I find them so helpful they are worth the money to me.

    God bless,

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Where do you find barkeepers friend? I've read about that several times lately.

  4. Gail,

    I've had my can of Barkeeper's Friend for quite awhile, but I'm pretty sure I bought it in Walmart. It's not too hard to find, around here, anyway.

  5. Thank you Mrs.T, as usual your advice is so helpful. (o:

  6. You are most welcome, Mrs. B! Always glad to be of service!


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